Far Cry 2 looking much better on PCs-comparable to Crysis

Visually, there is no comparison between the PC and console versions. That may sound like an obvious statement, of course, but it's worth emphasizing. The magnificent fire propagation effects that Ubisoft has treated us to in early trailers and gameplay videos were on full display in the E3 demo, but on the consoles, the fire animation was extremely bland and lacked the kind of detail and texture of the PC version. Similarly, the lighting and environmental weather effects were outstanding on the PC but didn't have the same kind of punch on the consoles. In terms of graphics, the PC version of Far Cry 2 looks almost as impressive as Crysis; the game is punctuated with vivid explosions, beautiful jungle environments and rich character renders much like Crysis. Ubisoft's newly constructed Dunia game engine delivered top notch visuals in this demo.

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Fishy Fingers5815d ago (Edited 5815d ago )

I'm sure this might upset a few people, the first few paragraphs at least. Still if your really believed the PR BS they spun about the consoles looking as good as the PC then shame on you.

Sure it still looks fantastic on the console counterparts mind, much better than you could ever get it to look on a similar priced PC.

kittoo5815d ago

And its gonna be one great experience for all....whether on PS3, 360 or PC!!!!!!
Enjoy gaming brothers...these are best times to be a gamer

nieto5815d ago

"its gonna be one great experience for all"

it is just another FPS we already have a lot of them...

Statix5815d ago (Edited 5815d ago )

Also, consider that this is only one source as far as impressions on the visuals are concerned; and from a more PC-centric source at that. It's too early to jump the gun and be on alert about the console versions possibly looking poor. There are several other sites I've seen that have given their impressions about the console versions' visuals, and they say that they're fantastic, and the difference isn't that drastic at all as compared to the PC version, including previews and impressions from Gamespot and Shacknews. It depends on which source(s) you choose to acknowledge and believe at this point, as there is quite a range of opinions out there from what I've seen.

SuperM5815d ago (Edited 5815d ago )

No its not just another FPS. Please do some research before you come with such statements. You obviously have no clue what you are talking about. Im not even gonna bother explaining you why this is not just another fps. That you should know yourself.

If anything, its just another game. Dont we have enough of them?


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Marceles5815d ago

Far Cry 2 looking much better on PCs-comparable to Crysis

Really?? I would've never guessed that...

/end sarcasm

360 man5815d ago

with graphics cards like the HD 4870 which is like 2 times the power of the 360 gpu and 3 times the power of the ps3 gpu no wonder they are able to take graphics up to the level of crysis

Gam715815d ago

ooh, you didn't say the ps3 was the bestest greatest most powerfullest machine ever.

Thats why you got disagrees.

Btw, I agreed because what you said was ture.

thewhoopimen5815d ago (Edited 5815d ago )

No u dumb twad. it's cuz he pulled numbers out of his ass and both of you are trying to troll.

shazam5815d ago

the ps3 gpu is only 2 thirds as powerful as the 360 gpu? i highly doubt it. those numbers smell of rectum.

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Vicophine5815d ago (Edited 5815d ago )

Prediction: Console version will still sell 5x better.

To the disagreers, you really think the PC version will sell better? Hmm, IQ's drop pretty fast around here.

Fishy Fingers5815d ago (Edited 5815d ago )

Perhaps your right.

But I dont care about sales figures or profit margins, I care about having the best gaming experience, when I'm running this at double the res, double the AA etc on the PC, will reminding yourself of "who sold more" make you enjoy the console version anymore?

Oh and moaning about disagrees only serves to get you more.

Edit: Vicophine, $700? You having a laugh, more like $4000 (£2000), oh yeah and your right, I built it purely for FC2, I havent even switched it on yet and after FC2 I'll never use it again..... sarcasm.

@King, are you serious? You think optimizing the engine can make up for the lack of hardware resources?

Vicophine5815d ago

Nah, I'll be thinking "I didn't blow $700+ on a PC to play the same game as some people :)"

kinggeoff5815d ago

pirate this game JUST to see if their systems can handle it

crysis part 2 sales wise for sure.

When devs learn to put more effort into the console versions (read: the versions that actually sell) maybe they wont keep repeating the same mistakes

Vicophine5815d ago


Agreed, if the optimize their engines maybe the console version will look even better, but at the moment, the Dunia and the Crytek engine are not console optimized, however, Crytek is in the process of doing that.

Gorgon5815d ago

You guys make me snore. Just play the damn game and STFU.

zagibu5815d ago

I really doubt that. Maybe if you compare sales of PC version to sales of both console versions combined. But still not 5 times better.

SuperM5815d ago

I doubt its gonna sell 5 times better. Will it sell better? probably. But its an FPS so basically its best on the PC (better graphics aswell). Im getting it for the PC, thats for sure. PC for shooters and RTS games, consoles for the rest.

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pow3r of t3h c3ll5815d ago

PCs are for morons willing to waste too much money!

Why are they even making a PC version it will only sell 3 copies due to the tiny install base capable of running it plus software piracy.

solar5815d ago

lmao! if it wasnt for PC's you wouldnt have you precious ps3. u need to stop sucking Sony's rod and come too the realization that PC is the superior gaming platform. but u would rather to keep gaming in 720 resolutions while i game at 1200 and beyond. power of the cell my ass. been a disappointment so far for me and is collecting dust.