Gravity Rush Remastered Will Release One Week Early in North America

So often in the industry we hear about game delays, it is refreshing news when game release dates are moved up. This is exactly what happened today with Gravity Rush Remastered. According to a tweet from PlayStation Europe, the action-adventure PlayStation 4-port was shifting its release date from February 9th to February 2nd, 2016.

This led to quiet concerns from North American fans that they wouldn’t benefit from the advanced release date. To quell rumors, Associate Project Manager of SCEA Nick Accordino took to Twitter and let fans know that the release date would also apply to North America.

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Abash1066d ago

Playing Gravity Rush Remastered and Digimon Cyber Sleuth on my PS4 that day, an awesome start to February!

FallenAngel19841065d ago

The sooner the better, this title deserves to be experienced by a wider audience

slappy5081065d ago

Well that's welcome I'll have this sooner rather than later!

Sevir1065d ago

Again, The Games just keep coming. Gravity Rush: Remastered, Street Fighter 5... the Start of the Spring Semester :( No time to study!

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