Black Friday deals for PlayStation Gamers

"We've hand-picked some of the best deals for PlayStation 3, PS4, and PS Vita gamers to make shopping Friday Nov. 27 a little easier for you."

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kitsune4511060d ago

This list makes the one from the site pretty pathetic.

BadBoyC1061d ago

Thanks man. This was helpful.

Forbidden_Darkness1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

Glad I could help spread it around, but not my handy work though. It originated from Deader2818 on the cheapassgamer forums, so he deserves your true thanks though :)

JoocyMan1060d ago

Thanks dude! I might just be dumb, but what are the values in parentheses next to the Best Buy prices?

CryptXSh0ck1060d ago

I'm assuming it's GCU discounts.

Forbidden_Darkness1060d ago

CryptXSh0ck is absolutely correct. I should have mentioned that in my original posting, sorry.

WelkinCole1060d ago

Still thanks for spreading it around.

Retroman1060d ago

ps4 price drop 299 officially was in september
so how is black friday a good deal again ??
250 is a great black friday deal .

Lionalliance1057d ago

Darn, only Last gen version of Black ops 3 are discounted? lame : c

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Lionalliance1061d ago

Heavensward ps4 for 20 bucks?!!! mhhhhhhhhhhhh so tempting!

DivineAssault 1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

Most of it is old stuff thats getting close to that price already.. I dont need anything this season unless those ps plus cards are on sale again.. I guess i could use a new PS3 before my phat takes a dump on me but maybe next year

Agent_00_Revan1061d ago

Only ones I've seen are the 3 month cards. That big 1 year card deal was just a big push with the PS4 launch 2 years ago.

arkard1061d ago

Wishing I would have bought 4 years worth then.

Majin-vegeta1060d ago

Only thing I've seen regarding PS+ is 3 month cards will be $10.

DivineAssault 1060d ago

I shouldve stocked up when the PS4 launched..

FN4GM1060d ago

PS4 and its games are going to sell like crazy this holiday!

JustGamin851060d ago

Really looking forward to buying Bloodborne for 19.99 @ Target!!!

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