Review - Star Wars Battlefront Stays On Target, But Its Lack Of Content Is Disturbing | GammaSquad

Is Star Wars Battlefront the multiplayer shooter you're looking for, or is it all nostalgia and no substance?

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Flashback0011064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

2/5 would be perfect...

Corpser1064d ago

So bored with it already

zerocarnage1064d ago

Love the game, takes me back to the old battlefront days. Although it does need a fast injection of maps, weapons and guns, it also needs spawn point fixed on supremacy. The game also needs the clone wars adding, dice were stupid not to add that.
Without those though the game you can guarentee in the end will be very worth it once everything is added from dlc..

Im not bored of it though, level 23, and if one game mode does get to me abit i switch it up for a while..