iDVD will broaden videogame market, says Tomb Raider boss

The growing market for interactive DVD games can help videogame publishers and developers reach new, casual gaming audiences, says industry veteran Dominic Wheatley.

Wheatley, who co-founded Domark before taking it on to the stock exchange as Eidos, believes the iDVD market is comparable to the games industry twenty years ago, where an influx of companies lead to a boom or bust market.

"It seems to me like the 1984 videogames market all over again," said Wheatley.

"To start with you can sell anything, and then a huge amount of competition comes in and a lot of people bow out. But those strong enough to remain standing can actually begin to build a nice business in this category."

For Wheatley, who's company Bright Things has just released Lara Croft Tomb Raider: The Action Adventure on iDVD, the attractions of the market to publishers and consumers are obvious.

"Publisher have told us they're interested in iDVD games because they are non-threatening and accessible and players can win easily."

"Through this they can get hooked on a character like Lara Croft, and maybe upgrade to a console or PC version. iDVD games could be a great ambassador to the videogame industry by getting game IP into the hands of people who don't usually buy videogames," detailed Wheatley.

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MicroGamer5259d ago

For some reason iDVD makes me think immediately of CDi. CDi didn't sell and the concept of iDVD seems very similar.