Bloodborne Platinum Theme Coming To NA

As confirmed on the Playstation Blog:
"I also like to confirm that Platinum Theme is coming soon.
Thank you for your patience"

Initially, this was only emailed to people with Platinums in the EU.

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TrollityTroll1062d ago

I'm in the UK with the platinum and I've not got my theme, sodding buggers!

TWB1062d ago

Same Platinun and I live in europe

Chaos_Raiden1062d ago

What about Asian players?

rainzor1062d ago

Blood borne mostly sold in America and Europe. PS4 is not even selling well in Japan

positiveshadow1062d ago

where in this post does it say its coming to North America?

twiggytree121060d ago

the post is from, that's the North American site.