Year One Destiny Exotics Being Upgraded in December Update, New Year Two Exotics Announced

For those still sucked into the sprawling FPS MMO that is Destiny, the upcoming December update will bring a handful of Year One exotic weapons and armor up to Year Two power levels. Additionally, Bungie released images of brand new Year Two exotic armor. The announcements are being posted by Bungie on Destiny’s official Instagram page.

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Neonridr1089d ago

jesus.. could they pick any worse weapons to migrate over?

lmcontaldi1089d ago

I would disagree IF ONLY for MIDA lol

KwietStorm1088d ago

Yea.. The Multitool may be very worthwhile, but it is quite literally the only thing worthwhile on that list.

NewMonday1088d ago

the good stuff:

Achylophage Symbiote
Nothing Manacles
The Armamentarium
Bones of Eao

all other stuff is useless unless they change them the like they did for some Y1 exotics

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FamilyGuy1086d ago

Plan C is a great weapon, I've been using it in Iron Banner and still wrecking with its 170 attack. It drops me to 293 light but it's worth it. It's always been a crucible beast.

Neonridr1086d ago

well now you can get a year 2 version instead.. ;)

LAWSON721088d ago

Yeah new exotics, lol, you mean locked away exotics so you could pretend you are adding content to the game.

Seraphim1088d ago

yeah I love how that is wrote. We've known about these since the release because they're listed on the Destiny Database @ Bungie. Yet the article says,
"Meanwhile, two new exotic Year Two armor chest pieces were announced:

ATS/8 Tarantella (Hunter)
Twilight Garrison (Titan)"

If I'm not mistaken there's actually some more exotics that have yet to be released too. I absolutely love the game but it still lacks content. Course it doesn't help they stripped the Strike Playlist. Stripped exotics to only add them later and so on. I had a great couple months with Year 2 and this little content is too little too late, again, so I'll likely wait to see what Destiny 2 has in store and hopefully they learned some lessons. Now if they announce stuff carrying over maybe I'd go back and spend a little more time but right now it's likely I'll stick to other games. just another year Bungie dropped the ball on what could be a truly great title.

rezzah1088d ago

Shotguns will be nerfed into nothing, or something close to it.