Fallout 4 - Teleport Glitch Found

First the you want to do is go into first person if your in third person. Next go behind cover aim down sights and hold the first/third button. Now let go of the button you aim with while still holding the button that toggles first/third person view. After that let go of the first/third button and go wherever you want. When you want to come back just hit the first/third person button and it will send you back to where you first took cover.

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_-EDMIX-_1062d ago

lol, glitch orr the power of the institution?

fenome1062d ago

Might have to test this one out..

It'd be kind of fun to sit behind cover on a hill, do this and then run in and poke at everybody and get 'em riled up and teleport back and pick 'em off with my silent recon-scoped 50 cal, 'cause I'm a dick like that :p