Rise of the Tomb Raider's big problem will never go away


"My Lara Croft killed about 657 people in a span of 30 hours, which works out to a brisk 22 kills per hour. As far as murder mileage goes, it’s … is “impressive” the right word? I don’t know, but it’s hard to reconcile with Rise of the Tomb Raider’s suggestion that Lara is a human being herself, never mind someone who also exudes shades of regret and fragility. But this is, again, my Lara Croft: the one who has to exist simultaneously as the central figure in a story, and as the actuator for my part in a commercial video game."

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uth111065d ago

this is what hurt the TR reboot in my eyes too, not just the sheer amount of killing, but the absurd fact that Lara could easily take down all these armed-to-the-teeth, hardened military dudes with just a bow and arrow.

NickieNick1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

Well, Joel and Ellie used a bow and arrow in TLOU to kill lots of military dudes too. And that was a fantastic game. And is there a bow in Uncharted?

breakpad1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

IMO as games evolve in visuals and stories this problem will never stop occurring as every story needs the most easily thought canon fodder in video games -human being ...the MGS series has a very intelligent way to elude the creation of a human-mass killing machine(your character and creating always the most irrational plot hol as you character becomes more anethical and evil than the final boss adversary)) by implementing tranquilizer guns and non lethal ways to take down enemies and also by rewarding you for going non-lethal

kraenk121064d ago

Noone ever portayed Drake nor Joel as a fragile, sensitive human being though.

uth111064d ago

I had my issues with Last of Us as well..

TricksterArrow1064d ago

Nathan is never portrayed as fragile nor sensitive. Hell, even Elena and Chloe are pretty hard asses: "Just point and shoot, right?"; "I never asked to be rescued". They all can be compassionate about teammates and allies, but they are not above killing others... Though what impressed, is Lara's overtly violent ways. She has several take down animations that would put MK and Rambo to shame.

Ellie actually averts this. Her gameplay encourages avoiding, stealth and sniping. She is terribly weak and is not a "one woman army" even on the easiest mode. She also lives in a world where killing is pretty standard and children are trained by military and Fireflies alike, just as herself. She gets impressed by Joel's brutality early on, but she never flinches in helping him kill nor do the killing herself inside or outside of cutscenes. There is no dissonance here, which is ultimely the main issue.

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Somebody1064d ago

Forget guns, bows and arrows. In the next Mirror's Edge Faith will only use the power of running around people to kill armed guards(and perhaps some armed-to-the-teeth, hardened military dudes in the later levels).

What's more absurd: a hardened adventurer who knows a thing or two when facing soldiers or a courier who can't be hurt by bullets simply by running faster and faster?

Tedakin1064d ago

Yeah she's a stone cold killer, but really no more than any other game hero. Look at Drake. Total sarcastic nice guy... who has killed thousands and broken necks with his bare hands. I know the old Lara games didn't have all this killing, but today I think they have to have it. Just exploring tombs with an occasional bear attack would bore modern gamers.

monkeyDzoro1064d ago

To me the problem is not that Lara kill people. My issue is the conflicting character who is Lara itself.
She's portrayed as a survivor, a legend in the making. But there is a contradiction between:
1. What she does (killing people easily),
2. How she acts (like a fragile human being, maybe that's the fault of the voice actor behind Lara character).

Moreover, the title of this iteration of the game is a bit misleading. "RISE" of the Tomb Raider, yet she still does more things than tomb raiding. Plus there's still no evidence or glimpse of the badass cold blooded character she once was.
I thought Tomb Raider 2013 was the set-up to reaching that LEGENDARY Lara Croft and with this one, that we were going to see a fully fledged badass Lara. But, we are far from it.

t-hall7851064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

I don't know if you've played Rise yet but that fragile human being stuff is left in the first game. She's hard as nails in this one. Shows growth. I like it.
Im seeing the difference. Do you really just want her raiding tombs all day? I think the reboot is a success for a reason. They got it right.

isa_scout1064d ago

What is it lately with movies and videogames using "RISE" in their titles? Like The Dark Knight Rises....It makes no sense. It's the third movie in the trilogy, pretty sure The Dark Knight rose in the first one. Same with Tomb Raider, Rise of the Tomb Raider would've been a better title for the original reboot.

monkeyDzoro1064d ago

It is a success for a particular reason that I won't mention here.
The facts are clear. Gunfights 50% - Exploring and craft 25% - Tomb Raiding 25%. This isn't Tomb Raider. They need to find a way to reverse this trend.
Because even if the game is good, it's not a good Tomb Raider.
Just like Assassin's Creed IV - Black Flag. Good pirate game, poor AC one.

t-hall7851064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

that's your opinion and you're entitled to it. i like these new tomb raiders over the old ones all day. Also they showed a particular scene with lara and jacobs daughter. she specifically explained that she had to kill to survive then told the woman she believed she'd do the same. kinda contradicts a point that you made in your original statement.

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boodi1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

so you expect a model like face with hardly any sign on the skin ( but no make up in inventory..) to survive alone on an adventure like this and come out successful and without any major drop or break allthrough , and more beautiful then ever ..rofl

you know, it is called videogame

suli55951064d ago

Killed how many people? ummmm sorry but im almost done with the game and ive probably killed something like a 100 people so far so i really dont know what BS this guy is talking about

t-hall7851064d ago

I beat it with 600 plus. I think they count retries. I went the stealth route so i had to restart from checkpoint a lot until i figured it all out. Surely you've killed more than 100. I killed that many in the last area alone. Also turn it up to the highest difficulty. You HAVE to be way more resourceful.

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