Remedy’s Top TV Shows And The Time-Travel Movies Influencing Quantum Break


"Remedy has always worn its television and film influences on its sleeve, and Quantum Break is no different. During our visit to Remedy to see Quantum Break, we asked many of the game's leads what their favorite TV shows past and present are, regardless of their direct influence on Quantum Break. We also asked about time-travel films, and which ones are at the forefront of their minds while building Quantum Break."

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ScorpiusX1062d ago

The wait for this game is killing me , my most anticipated game of 2016.

PFFT1062d ago

You and me both! Cant wait to play this beautifully amazing looking game!

R6ex1062d ago

Me too. Except I'm waiting for the Youtube "movie". No X1. Only got PC & PS4, PS3 & X360.

1062d ago
PFFT1062d ago

I did the same with Until Dawn and The Order.

jb2271062d ago

The true influences are obvious...

Quantum Leap + Point Break = Quantum Break

The sequel will most likely be called Leap Point.

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