Wargaming Dev Explains Why Developers Struggle To Maintain A Balance Between Resolution and FPS

"This happens every generation," says TJ Wagner, Creative Director at WarGaming

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freshslicepizza1152d ago

console gamers for the most part do not demand games be 60fps and more often would prefer better graphics.

traumadisaster1152d ago

I disagree. If you set up two pc's in different rooms...

Room A - 30fps increased gfx, trial 5 min
Room B - 60fps decreased gfx, trial 5 min

"which room do you want to continue playing in?"

ROOM B, please


I don't know, it just plays smoother.

But didn't you notice room A has increased gfx?

Yea but it wasn't as smooth and responsive, I prefer room b please.

freshslicepizza1152d ago

console games do not give this option

Ron_Danger1152d ago

Got a link to that case study or is this just opinion being passed on as fact?

Melankolis1152d ago

One thing i'm sure of...
if a system display a game on max graphic/resolution (comparatively with the other games in the same generation)while maintaining steady 60 fps means :
1. The Devs did a very very great job
2. The hardware are overpowered (and usually overpriced)