Madden NFL 16 Is Free For This Weekend On Xbox One And PS4

The American football sports video game, Madden NFl 16, is now free to download on Xbox One and PS4 for this weekend.

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Dabigkahuna761089d ago

Like free where I don't have to spend a dime or free there is a catch somewhere

Gearsiege1089d ago

*Like free where I don't have to spend a dime*

AntsPai1089d ago

Not seeing it on the US psn, is it just the demo?

Minute Man 7211089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

When I checked the game info on the PS4 it doesn't say demo, if free nice EA

Muzikguy1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

I don't see it either. :/

Edit: so it's a trial? Ugh, nevermind

Skate-AK1089d ago

PS4 trial is unlimited and Xbones trial is 10 hours. Guessing that is because of EA Access.

Shazz1089d ago

says nba 2k16 is free on my xbox this weekend

Null1089d ago

I don't see it on the PlayStation store .. I don't even see the NBA for free either

Minute Man 7211088d ago

It says demo in the PS store but not when you download it

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