Why I'm Done With Fallout 4

From Cinelinx:

After spending plenty of time in the wasteland, harvesting crops, developing a settlement and surviving all manner of things meant to kill me, I'm done with Fallout 4. No, not the story, not even close to all the side quests...but I'm done nonetheless.

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DarkOcelet1063d ago (Edited 1063d ago )

Hopefully one day you get back to it and love it, because it is a pretty good game.

darklordzor1063d ago

I'm not necessarily saying it's a bad game, and there are parts of the story I'm enjoying. But if I've sunk in more hours than entire other AAA games, and still not "hooked", I can't keep going.

DarkOcelet1063d ago

Then its not a game for you unfortunately. but you see, that same thing happened to me when i was playing Final Fantasy XII. I hated that game so much even after playing 20 hours. Then two months later, BAM! i bought it again and sunk over 1300 hours in it. FFXII became my favorite game of all time.

I am saying maybe you should give it a second chance later on. Maybe you will love it :).

moegooner881062d ago

Understandable tbh. Loved New Vegas but can't get into FO4, game is repetitive and the difficulty spikes are irrational. Moving on as well.

nX1062d ago

Other than disagreeing with your opinion I'm also here to tell you what a horrible read this was. Your article uses the word "things" more than 20 times and it was painful to read through it.

"Fallout 4 does a lot of things okay, but nothing stands out above any other gaming title out there"

Yeah, right...

andydalum1062d ago

I'll start this off by saying this is my first fallout game to date. With that being said I think one reason people get out of touch with these kinds of games is they don't focus on certain story lines.

For me personally the minutemen and building a city is my main objective and after that i want to get the minutemen back on the map. It's easy to just quest away for no reason the trick is getting invested in one thing at a time and exploring for all the hidden goodies when your bored.

thekhurg1062d ago

It's not a very good game if you've played something like the witcher 3.

The graphics are worse. The animations are worse. The combat is worse. The voice acting is worse. The story is worse. The enemy AI is worse. Enemy variety is worse. The quests are worse.

I honestly can't think of anything fallout 4 does that's better when it comes to being a RPG.

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Halo2ODST21061d ago

I've kinda got bored of it as well, & I'm only halfway through the story, as the game is kinda boring, the Settlements are bare bones, lots of the side quests are , petty (not talking about miscellaneous btw) - Kill raiders at X, kill a pack of Ghouls in a former mission location, persuade the same farmer a million times to help the Brotherhood, it just makes me loose interest. so far i have played 2 days & 3 hours, but I think that's all i can stomach.

objdadon1062d ago

Why no one gives a $#!t

AudioEppa1062d ago

Now you got more time for games you might enjoy, no big deal. As long as you're happy gaming, do you.

whyisthehorsestaring1062d ago

The only negative about the game I feel is the recycled missions.

gamejediben1062d ago

It's definitely a lesser game than Fallout 3 and New Vegas in my opinion.

I really miss the karma system and the different perks I'd get for playing good, evil or neutral. I miss being able to throw grenades in VATS. And I especially miss the humor from F1, F2 and New Vegas. F4 is so dull by comparison.

The graphics and gun mechanics are better but I'd take the storytelling and humor from New Vegas any day of the week.

Cra2yey31062d ago

Throwing grenades in V.A.T.S - hold the cook/throw button, then press V.A.T.S button.

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