Fallout 4 on PC available at $40.75 / £27.06

NSG: Fallout 4 will take a while to come down in price thanks to the surge of high-scoring reviews and strong sales. But that doesn’t mean everyone is charging full-whack. We have an excellent price for the PC version, along with a few multiformat season pass deals.

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Eidolon1065d ago

For PC only, PC prices are always cheaper.

Genova841065d ago

Right, but we'd be lucky to see 10% off at the steam fall sale next week. 3rd party sites have crazy deals.

XhiXExtreme1065d ago (Edited 1065d ago )

LOL it was 38$ for a global key in South Africa region at LAUNCH XDD

s45gr321065d ago

Consoles will never see this type of discounts.