Uncharted 4: a hands-on first look at the five-on-five multiplayer | The Guardian

The Guardian:

Naughty Dog sticks with the basics of the multiplayer experience, but includes some interesting additions from Last of Us and Nathan Drake’s own history

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ChronicPsycho1065d ago

Sounds really exciting. Can't wait to try the best mp of 2015 in december.

Eidolon1064d ago

Uncharted 4 will be released in 2016, how will it have the best MP of 2015?

madmonkey011064d ago

the multiplayer beta launches in december

Eidolon1063d ago

It will be incomplete, and therefore not the best if you can give Battlefront crap for not having complete content.

sonarus1064d ago

I don't like the way it looks like last of us. Uncharted mp is generally fast paced and Last of Us is slow. Both are cool but different approach i hope Uncharted retains the faster pace of the original games. Uncharted 2 was probably my most played game on PS3. Played the hell out of singleplayer coop and multiplayer.

skratchy1064d ago

Phsssh, last of us is slow if you're playing with a bunch of inexperienced or overly cautious types. It can also be fast paced, brutal and over in under a minute.

sonarus1064d ago

Nah no matter how you play Last of Us it cant match the pace of Uncharted. Last of us you run too much people hear you. Uncharted multiplayer is about platforming not that the pace is very fast but certainly faster than Last of Us. The weapons (grenade launchers, m4, ak47 e.t.c) don't even allow you play at such a fast pace in last of us. No hip fire which can be a crucial tactic in Uncharted mp.

Last of Us and Uncharted are completely different games. Let them stay that way no need for all this merging.

That being said Naughty Dog has never made a bad game that i know of so perhaps i should have faith. Just have some trouble with blind faith.

Null1064d ago

Why are you explaining your sex life to us?

itBourne1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

All the bullshit CoD infestations aside, the downed state is down right depressing. I liked it in the Last of Us, it DOES NOT fit in Uncharted whatsoever.

UserNameIsNotTaken1064d ago

You know that UC3 and UC2 had them in COOP before right?

itBourne1064d ago

That is irrelevant to competitive play, so what is your point?

IAmLee1064d ago

Eidolon: UC4 beta starts early December bro

Azzanation1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

That's a lot of up votes for a comment like that

Azzanation1064d ago


for PS


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lolosgolos1065d ago

Would love to see how this plays in a full match

81BX1065d ago

Yeah, uncharted is my fav ps series. But im a bit skeptical over what ive seen so far in mp. The story looks top notch as usual (typical ND,great work) but i hope we can play without those powers... i dont like that stuff.

bennissimo1065d ago

Meh. I have no faith in this, after the MP in their other games.

Crimzon1064d ago

The multiplayer in Uncharted 2 was great, and the multiplayer in The Last of Us was great until they added all the pay-to-win microtransactions. What they've shown of the multiplayer in Uncharted 4 so far looks terrible, though.

The inclusion of down-but-not-out, the addition of a radar, the removal of power weapons, the announcement of microtransactions on day one, the awful looking AI partners and the ridiculous Destiny-styled supers etc. all come together to look like a complete mess. It looks nothing like Uncharted at all, it's some weird mish-mash of other games instead.

Hugely disappointing reveal and as we all learned with the Uncharted 3 beta, Naughty Dog pays no attention to fan feedback at all. They desperately need to replace Robert Cogburn, the guy keeps ruining all their games.

bluegoblin1064d ago

What game has he ruined? Last time i checked their last 4 games were all masterpieces lol

Spotie1064d ago

The multiplayer in their other titles has been very good. While UC3 wasn't superb, it was still good. TLOU is one of the most unique multiplayer experiences I've ever had. And UC2's multiplayer was beyond addicting.

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KwietStorm1064d ago

Their other games? Uncharted 2 and The Last Of Us have great multiplayer.

TwoForce1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

@bennissimo and @crimzon Are you both serious ? Have a faith. Multiplayer is look good to be honest. And Crimzon, the way you complain like that, it's completely rubbish. Rant way too much that not gonna help you and developer to understand each other. You said that Uncharted 4 was 900 p on PS4, that's for mp, not single player. You called that " fact", but i called it a troll. How many times you sit here and keep complaining and trolling like that ? "Sign". Even @DarkOcelet is know how to have his reasons and he is not a blind hater like you and you gone way too far. I don't want to compare you to him, but that how i see it.

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PR_FROM_OHIO1065d ago

Those disagrees though lol!!! Uncharted 4 just brings fear and jealously i see lol!!!!

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authentic1065d ago

Is multiplayer going to be 60FPS?

IIFloodyII1065d ago

That's what they are targeting.

Flashback0011065d ago

Yes 60 fps and 900p. Singleplayer is 1080p and 30 fps

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