Do We Need Diablo 3?

Over the din on the Net, there are many important questions about Diablo 3 that need to be answered. But when we think about what made Diablo the addictive game close to our hearts that it still is today, then the question inevitably pops up: Does the gaming industry need a new Diablo game? Ravi Sinha of Split-screen examines the history of Diablo and answers that question.

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JsonHenry3718d ago

I don't need any video game. But I do WANT this game.

ionace3718d ago

No, I NEED this to bring me back to PC gaming.

JeepGamer3718d ago

If there's anything I hate it's articles whose only purpose is to get page hits for the website that hosts them.

This is one such article.

This is no better than somebody snapping up URLs that are the same but end in .net instead of .com or are common typos. It's the same as people who put a bunch of crap in the coding of their web pages so that you can search for 5000 different things and get the same page.

Uncommon Calibur3718d ago

they can do that if want, but it will eat their bandwidth. plus, the google spiders notice this and can block sites or blacklist them from google search if there is rampant keywording going on.

Enigma_20993718d ago

Having keywords that basically wind up getting search results that have NOTHING to do with what you're looking for!!!

Gantrfaxx3718d ago (Edited 3718d ago )

I would need it for my Ps3... :(

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The story is too old to be commented.