MS exec questions long term potential for Nintendo Wii

Chris Satchell, general manager of Microsoft's Game Development Group, has questioned whether the Wii has got what it takes to keep gamers' interests in the long run.

Speaking in an interview with, Satchell said, "I think the Wii is of interest, I'm not sure what its long term potential is. It's a super-strong for Nintendo's first-party IP, but beyond that?

"I get that it is getting more developer support and that's good, but I just don't know if it's going to be that compelling."

The Wii hit UK shops earlier this month, racking up sales of more than 105,000 units over launch weekend. That makes it the fastest-selling home console in history, beating Xbox 360 - which sold 70,000 units in the first few days after its launch last year.
But according to Satchell, it's still to early to tell whether the Wii will be the winner in the end. "It's going to start very fast, it's a cool thing that's different, but I?m not sure how big it's going to be in the long term," he said.

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jacen10005253d ago

not sure about it longterm LAFF they have a perfect platform for future consoles with the new infa red control and motion sensor the hardware and graphics part is the least of nintendos worries as that can easily be acheived