Take-Two characterizes work at Rockstar Games as being 'awfully busy'

If there is one developer or publisher in the gaming industry that takes its sweet time when it comes to launching a new game, it's Rockstar Games.

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seanpitt231115d ago

Yes they do take their time but the quality of their products is bar none. Now in the past 6 years I can only think of a couple of devs that has the same quality of rockstar it's not many.

itsjustexuma1115d ago

Naughty Dogs, Bioware,Bethesda Game Studio, Square Enix and FromSoftware make the same quality of games

FasterThanFTL11115d ago

Remove Square Enix and add CD Projekt RED & Valve and I will agree with you. Rocksteady was also on that list but then they made Batman Arkham Knight.

SolidGear31115d ago

You beat me to it. Copied my list psychically :P

syotos771115d ago

I would also sad add in blizzard. Every game of theirs I've played is top notch.

redey31115d ago

Bethseda in the same line with naughty dog and rockstar? Hahahhahahaha are you serious?

eklektic1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

Cd project red made one game that the masses liked lmao so now there up there with the titans huh? That's funny.

seanpitt231115d ago

Cd projekt and naughty dog are on that level Bethesda are not in the same league yes they make great games but they are buggy and using that 15 year old creation engine let's them down big time

SlightlyRetarted1115d ago

Modern Square Enix just feels so random in that list. Agree with the rest pretty much.

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Bigpappy1115d ago

That is not a criticism. That would be and observation or description.

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Satyre281115d ago

Rockstar is that one studio that i am willing to wait however long it takes because their games are always masterpieces.

DoctorFry1115d ago

The Last of Us was a masterpiece and we only had to wait two years for that game.

SlightlyRetarted1115d ago

Dev time for The Last of Us was almost 4 years. They started working TLOU right after Uncharted 2. Naughty Dog formed a B-team to make Uncharted 3. After U3 they dropped whole two team approach and are working with 1,5 team. Whole team working on newest project, half team working on concepts and art for the next.

WellyUK1115d ago

Sorry but in no way are Rockstar games masterpieces... When a game needs to have auto aim/aim bot on there is clearly a MASSIVE flaw in the gameplay.

DoctorFry1115d ago (Edited 1115d ago )

Man screw GTA Online. Only reason Rockstar sticks around with it is because of shark card profits. Without GTA Online Rockstar would've been more efficient with their other projects. Where's Agent? It's been 7 years since it was announced.

Rockstar's games aren't the product of years worth of masterful development. Max Payne 3 took like four years to develop and it wasn't even half as good as Uncharted, and Uncharted took only
two years to develop! Rockstar has shit control management and they're always in development hell.

We'll be lucky to see a Rockstar game in 2017. Until then, let them milk GTA Online I guess. It's pathetically easy to appease their little community by releasing half-assed updates every other month. Somehow people still aren't over a two year old game.

The only Rockstar game that's a masterpiece is Red Dead Redemption.

Kingdomcome2471115d ago

Why do I have the sneaking suspicion that you are also DoctorFraud that posted above...

jb2271114d ago

I definitely agree that diving into the online realm kinda robbed us sp gamers & original core fans of the opportunity to play more new Rockstar games. The fact that there was no sp dlc for GTA V (I think it's safe to say at this point that one ain't happening), and the focus was on online content just kinda puts me off a bit. I'm all for waiting & being patient for quality titles, but when there's such a long wait for multiple teams to push out a single project all the while there is mp dlc & add ons coming fast & furious, it's a bit disheartening for the future of Rockstar in the sp realm. Ultimately it's been true across the board for this gen, I feel like there are fewer sp games than ever, doubly so if you aren't a fan of the open world RPG model. Just a shame because there is obviously worth & merit to a narrative driven title when you look at the scores for games like RotTR & Bloodborne. Luckily we will be getting a good handful next year in the form of UC4, Quantum Break & TLG, but it just seemed like my games library for last gen was absolutely beefy compared to what moves the needle enough to warrant a purchase from me this gen. Games like Mafia 3, Far Cry Primal, Horizon & JC3 are looking mighty enticing though, & if Rockstar isn't careful, any one of these games could feasibly pull the crown from them next year unless they show what is in the works.

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