The Inevitable Rise of VR

Joe from GamersFTW writes about how Virtual Reality is going work its way into our lives, and what effect it might have on us both as gamers and as people.

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GamerGabs1155d ago

A really interesting read. I'm curious about VR technology and looking forward to seeing it grow. Having a go with one a while ago was certainly impressive, it is pretty amazing to see another world before your eyes. Wondering what worlds will be created, and having the opportunity to discover them (seemingly) first-hand is pretty exciting.

amiga-man1155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

I think even the sceptics are strating to realise VR is here to stay, next year will see the start of the revolution and from it's early beginnings will become much more than anyone can imagine now.

I'm stepping in and can't wait to see what it's experiences evolve into, the possibilities are endless.

Timesplitter141155d ago (Edited 1155d ago )

As someone who works with VR nearly every day, I'd say VR will not be a revolution in gaming and will certainly not take over regular games.

VR brings new interesting possibilities, but it also brings a ton of limitations when it comes to game design and gameplay. In fact, it brings so many limitations that I don't think VR will succeed as a medium for "game" games. Instead, it'll be for "experience" games. Your eyes and brain get weary really quick when playing in VR, so expect most VR games to last around 15-20 minutes tops.

And then comes the problem of performance. VR games are so much more demanding than normal games (for the same overall visual quality) that the PSVR needs to come with a separate processing unit that you plug into your PS4. All this for a resolution that seems way too low at the moment. Low enough that you can see every individual pixel and it's kinda annoying. I think the technology isn't quite there yet. We would need headsets that have twice the current resolution and consoles that are twice as powerful

amiga-man1155d ago

Timesplitter as I tried to point out this is just the beginning, VR has a long way to go but it will only grow and improve over time.

Basically all I'm saying is VR is here to stay and will impact far more than just gaming.

kenwonobi1155d ago

Funny enough there will be consoles with twice the power next generation. I don't think it'll be that huge a hindrance in power needed for Virtual Reality. Having experience games would be awesome too. I'm sure there will be new genres created specifically to vr.

Shillmeister1155d ago

VR is somewhat undoubtedly the future of gaming, though same as with all things there's a few criteria it will need to meet:
- It can't be a gimmick and needs to actually add experience (got this covered from what I've experienced)
- Not being overly complex to utilise, i.e. for mass market appeal it'll need to be near-as to plug and play as it can get. The non-tech savvy won't want to spend time setting up their games to experience VR.
- Not being too expensive (though over time this can be addressed as there is more demand for it)

I think one thing that hasn't really been taken into account with VR is the potential troubles it could come across - and I don't mean not having a powerful enough PC - I mean media perspective of it, etc. VR is so much more engaging that there'll be neigh-sayers to knock it in the media as the cause of the next mass murderer, and other silly things.

Interesting times ahead for the technology no doubt.

alexgibson1155d ago

Great read. The possibilities of VR are really exciting and it's going to be fascinating seeing how it sells commercially. It's so hard to predict but the developers seem to be convinced it's going to be big. Is this going to be the next Xbox kinnect/ PS move or the next wii?

joeorc1155d ago

Carmack' post about VR shows its heading in the right direction.

kenwonobi1155d ago

Bubble up for a interesting read.

kenwonobi1155d ago

It's very amazing technology. People will be immediately drawn to the machines. Once a few people play some games they will be hooked.

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