Dark Souls 3 Interview: "It Wouldn’t Be Right to Continue Creating Souls"


Hidetaka Miyazaki says he’s ready to close the book on Dark Souls. In an industry where it’s commonplace to stretch the popularity of franchises across annual iterations, that may be hard to believe, but he thinks it’s critical to the future of his studio, From Software.

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Null1064d ago

WEW, LAD! Who could have seen that coming?

kotaku771064d ago

Well he always said that so...

Darkborn1064d ago

The Souls series, minus bloodborne is my absolute favorite. This is bad news in my opinion. :/

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1064d ago

It is actually good news. Myazaki can now explore new kinds of projects and give us another unique and amazing gaming experience that's fresh. It's excited realy. I do want Bloodborne 2 sometime within the next few years after some of his new projects however.

BlackTar1871064d ago


Bloodbourne and Demon Souls and Dark Souls 1 are the best Dark Souls 2 was average for a souls game but amazing compared to other games.

Wallstreet371064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

That will be great! Just use the same aspects of the game in a different type of world. So many things they can do with that game play, engine and premise. We can go to Norse mythology, Egyptian etc and still have special power, swords, shields etc.... You can even go sci fi and it'll work if they put their mind to it.

6 years from now and on next gen they can easily revisit Dark Souls or Demon and surprise us at an E3 showing us a teaser anjd ppls heads will explode.

Bloodborne is a good example! Its a Souls games but not a Souls game.

kotaku771064d ago

I love the original so much; last gen favorite. A true all time classic! really close to a work of art.

Would you really want that? them going Egypt? really?

Wallstreet371064d ago

I gave examples to show how the gaming fundamentals could be used with different scenarios and places.

And yeah i wouldn't mind Egypt. So many creatures in its lore, bosses wouldn't be an issue, dark theme, soldiers, weapons etc.... all of that would fit right in. I dont see the issue unless ppl are being closed minded and think everything has to have chivalrous/Medieval era theme and what not.

BlackTar1871064d ago

I would absolutely love a Egyptian themed Dark souls esque game. Holy crap you just got my attention PLEASE MAKE A SOULS TYPE GAME IN EGYPT

The mythology in Egypt gods is amazing

Palitera1064d ago

^ Not to mention how much the mythology changed over the centuries, even from poly to monotheism (to poly back again).

TheOneWhoIsTornApart1064d ago

I would want something along the lines of dark science fiction. Something involving aliens and high technology on a different planet than Earth with a thought provoking and terrifying story. It's hard for me to visualize how something like this would look as a Souls style game but with Myazaki's dark, twisted mind I'm sure him and his talented team of ultra badass artists could come up with something brilliant.

UlyssesFeral1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

An Egyptian theme would be great. If you lump in some overall Mesopotamian influence you'd have just as diverse and rich material to work with as the medieval influence on Dark Souls. To be fair though, there's a bit of Egypt and Greece already scattered around Dark Souls and its sequel.

But hell, look at what Bloodborne did with 19th century Europe.

PeaSFor1064d ago (Edited 1064d ago )

Sci-fi would be great too.

S1X2SE7EN1064d ago

I think the doors should have been closed after Dark Souls 1 but hey better late than never.

xActionBasturdx1064d ago

No...just no...a trilogy is perfectly fine considering itselling the first of its kind to actually be successful

Veneno1063d ago

Sorry basturd but sixseven is right. If dark souls 3 ends on a series high note then it should stop,but since ds 2 was not as great, it would be terrible to end on a weak note.

But funny thing is if a game turns out great everyone will be clamoring for a new title lol.

Salooh1063d ago

Bloodborne is the best one yet. If you didn't enjoy his games then i don't see how you will enjoy the new ip because i don't think he will go outside his style too much..

S1X2SE7EN1062d ago

Dark Souls is the favourite game of all time. I put 2000 hours into that bad boy and Demons Souls too. Bloodborne is amazing but the PVP was undermined by the fact that there were too few weapons. Not that it was bad but there wasn't much variety.

UltraNova1064d ago

Great interview!

As for Souls, series ending with DS3 I would say I definitely agree with Miyazaki Sama.

From Software have proven themselves in my book and I will be thrilled to know what their plans are for a new IP. Whatever it is I will support them, as long as they create something as challenging and addicting as the Soul series.

ChronicPsycho1064d ago

From software is already creating another ps4 exclusive, it was hinted by verendus on neogaf.
Hopefully bloodborne 2 or a new ip.
Can't wait.

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