Pachter: Wii May Push 1M Per Month

The Wii has been able to outsell Xbox 360 and PS3 combined in recent months in the U.S., but Wedbush Morgan analyst Michael Pachter says it could sell even more per month thanks to a slightly stronger dollar.

The Wii sold an average of 685,000 units per month during the April-June period. Pachter said in an investor note Monday, "...We expect monthly sell-through to increase by as many as 300,000 units per month, beginning in August."

Pachter explained, "In our view, U.S. supply last year should have been somewhere between 720,000 – 900,000 units per month (40-50 percent of total units produced), but Nintendo chose instead to divert a significant portion of its available supply to Europe since April 2007, as the weak dollar has made U.S. sales less profitable for the company than European sales.

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ThaGeNeCySt3724d ago

I wouldn't doubt it, it's like whatever they throw on shelves ALL get sold.. if they could keep up with demand, I don't see why they couldn't push 1 million + a month in the US

theKiller3724d ago

ps2 were selling much more than that in one month!! and now wii is on its peak!! so in the coming years dont expect he numbers to go higher only lower

PimpHandHappy3724d ago

every system will see a increase in sales over the next couple months!


I will never own a Wii

$300 pro is tempting

Asurastrike3724d ago

It doesn't matter how many Wii's sell, there will always be a market for PS and Xbox. Hardcore gamers aren't going to buy a Wii because it is selling well.