Sony Suggests At Least 90FPS for PlayStation VR

CGM Writes: At MIGS 2015, a game summit held in Montreal, Vernon Harmon did a talk about Embracing Virtual Reality of PlayStation VR. In this talk he went into detail about what PlayStation VR could do, but also what they suggest developers strive towards when building games. An interesting point came out of this, the fact that 60FPS is just not good enough for PlayStation VR.

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TwoForce1089d ago

Very interesting 🤔. I wonder they can achieve that.

IAmLee1089d ago

That'd make a hell of a smooth experience

Septic1089d ago

I wonder what the visual quality of the titles will be like though.

emad-E-three1089d ago

Old! Been revealed since PGW last month during the PSVR stage presentation and the 90fps minimum is after the "buff" that PSVR gives to fps! Anything less will be rejected as Sony revealed.

MCTJim1089d ago

From what I have read, they have that little extra box that will be tethered to the headset that gives it the extra muscle to achieve the output they want. Other tidbits:

jujubee881089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

So, I don't have a degree in computer science (yet) but I am pretty sure that the speculation about the black box is being blown out of proportion and the limitations of 'tethering' two computers with the typical data wires shown at every psvr games show would just lead to speculatuon of secret sauce being less and less legit, and that ps4 is doing it.

The psvr box probably just has a little asic/processor and a small bit of memory that accompanies a minor task - and not handeling these massive (bandwidth intensive) tasks like streaming texrures via some gpu to gpu talk.

MCTJim1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

How can I get a disagree for answering the question? This is what is going to be with the PSVR in order for it to do what they want it to do. The president of Sony is quoted.

jukins1089d ago

You're right the little box helps with the reproduction games have to be at least 60fps and the box will increase frames to produce 90-120fps.

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ABizzel11089d ago

90fps is only needed for Native VR games.

60fps is fine as well, but require reprojection (basically "upscaled" VR).

Ultr1089d ago

they already do 120. you can look that up

u4one1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

it can, but the visuals take a hit. we've been having the same situation with the oculus kits. we try to push for 120 fps which resolves the motion sickness from lag problem but it really limits how far you can push the renders... and these are on fairly high end machines. still freaking cool tho. i assume PSVR will be the same situation so don't expect The Order 1886 type graphics for VR specific titles. i think the tech is cool enough though that it won't matter for a product cycle or 2. I'm really excited for PSVR - especially after my experiences working with the Rift.

someOnecalled1088d ago

Aren't they saying what ORift devs said like a yr and a half ago. Mr. Metoo

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Shuckylad1089d ago

I don't know how these things work but will that mean 45fps per eye?

kaizokuspy1089d ago

Someone can correct me if I am wrong, but I believe they use frame interpolation to double the frames for smoothness. I think it would be 90fps for each eye, but I too am unsure

MrDead1089d ago

Valve did some tests with their head set to see how low they could drop the frames before users started to feel unwell, they came to the same conclusion 90fps (45 per eye).

Outthink_The_Room1089d ago

Not really.

Morpheus doesn't have dual goggle setup. In other words, it's one big screen.

Oculus and Vive have two separate viewing areas, one for each eye.

So that changes things quite a bit for Morpheus, since it's not exactly a "45 fps per eye" kind of situation. It's 90fps for both simultaneously. That's also the reason why Oculus and Vive are willing to do 90, since they have stereo styled 45fps per eye.

But if you're doing a full on one screen approach, like Morpheus, then 120fps is much better. It is much more accurate since each eye isn't going to be given 45fps equally when doing 90.

Your eyes can shift and look around differently with Morpheus. You aren't simply fixated on just the screen in front of you. You can actually look over to the left and see the display. Think of it like a movie theater. You are watching a massive screen, but you aren't locked into just a specific viewing angle.

For VR Gaming, you actually do want to be locked in, which is why dual eye goggles are a better fit for headsets.

Deano19881089d ago

im buying this the day it releases

medman1089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

If ps vr happens to release the day and date No Man's Sky releases, sometime around E3 2016, I'm dead to the world. I will not be seen again.

Taero1089d ago

Better stock up on Soylent...

KilluaX31089d ago

Not going to happen. I remember when Watch Dogs was said to be 1080p 60fps on PS4. Didn't happen.

crazysapertonight1089d ago

PS VR is dead thing, until they won't release new more powerful version of PS4 for VR.

DigitalRaptor1089d ago

It can and will happen. Sony is even pushing for 120fps on certain kinds of games.

Not only is there extra hardware in the breakout box to do some of the heavy lifting, but the Unity engine comes built with features for implementing a graphics technique called "reprojection" that Sony is promoting. What it means is that developers can increase the smoothness of the performance of their VR games up to 120fps with some extra effort.

Here's the part of the presentation that explains it:

crazysapertonight1089d ago

you misguided

reprojection to 120fps will work in every game, it is very light technology and has very little impact on performance. Even TVs use this technology.

But native 120 fps and reprojected are two very different things. In this article says exactly about native 90fps not reprojected.

Lonnie181089d ago (Edited 1089d ago )

Yeah but as stated above there is an extra processor or who knows a couple extra when Sony finally reveals the specs that will work with the ps4. Achieving 90-120fps should be possible along with the visual shock and awe everybody wants.

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