Kudo Tsunoda Leaves Xbox Division to Head Windows Apps Studio

Kudo Tsunoda has assumed a new role at Microsoft, leaving behind his Xbox role after just eight months.

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ChronicPsycho1158d ago

Goodbye kinect. Good riddance.

Mr Pumblechook1158d ago

Kudos Tsunoda is an important fella to Microsoft. His 'departure' to a new role within the same company demonstrates Microsoft value him enough to retain him. Does this move signify a winding down of the Xbox division before an offer to sell it to a third-party?

frankdrebin721158d ago

ohhhh Mr Pumblechook,...don't be so silly.
I can understand having ones opinion, but please, stop with the "concern" about xbox division.
its pretty apparent that MS are in it for the long haul.
Ohhh mr Pumblechook some would think you are trying to incite a "fanboy" war,..but not me,..I understand that you are just expressing your hopes and dreams.

back to reality,..all the best to him, sure Micro have an idea about whats the future holds for them and him

breakpad1158d ago

has this guy ever did smthing successful in his carreer ...jumps from a division to a division wiht only one super failure in his record ...also if you have ever saw him how he speaks (like he s a retard that reads an auto cue) ...u understand why all the jobs he has taken have failed

Kingdomcome2471158d ago

That's a bit of a stretch for sure. Sure he played an integral role in peripheral designs such as Kinect, Hololens, etc..., but I wouldn't say that he's integral to the Xbox brand as a whole. As someone recently pointed out to me, Panos Panay, the designer and architect of the Surface line has been named as the designer for the next generation of Xbox hardware. Microsoft as a whole has without a doubt shown their desire and blueprint for moving towards one unified ecosystem, wherein Windows will be the platform, but I believe that the Xbox brand is still a major component of that roadmap, and they've made enough moves and investments as of late that have centered around the Xbox division to show that Satya's public commitment to the Xbox division including future hardware weren't just hollow words.

Mr Pumblechook1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

@frankdrebin77 said "some would think you are trying to incite a "fanboy" war,..but not me,..I understand that you are just expressing your hopes and dreams."

Er... Overreaction much? Nobody should let an overwhelming brand loyalty prevent them from discussing the future of gaming.

Back on the subject. The gaming landscape is constantly changing. It is naive to think that everything will remain the same. Once upon a time Sega ruled the worldwide console market, now they are no longer in the business of making hardware. At the start of the 360/PS3 generation there was no such thing as iOS/Android now mobile gaming generates billions. Sony have released PlayStation Now which enables people to play PS3 games without even owning a console -who knows if this will be a dead end or become something...

Now Microsoft have a new boss, Satya Nadella. His business strategy is to take Microsoft software and make it available on as many platforms as possible. In recent interviews he doesn't talk about Xbox One as a platform, he talks about Xbox LIVE as a platform. Whether you agree with the opinion or not it is a fair and logical to speculate that Nadella might want to make Xbox platform agnostic.

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AizenSosuke1158d ago


I liked Kinect and its features but Well said.

1158d ago
ScorpiusX1158d ago

So off he goes to make sure Window has 10,0000 apps that no uses , like them other sites cause just having the essential is not good enough. What a waste of time.

slappy5081158d ago

Kudos to Windows App Division.

Axonometri1158d ago

Nice. Or is that, "BAM!"

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