VGGEN Review: Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People

Jared Black Writes: "After critical and commercial success with the Sam & Max franchise (which Wii owners will be introduced to later this month), deciding the next episodic series to launch was an important decision for Telltale. In selecting the Homestar Runner franchise and partnering with The Brothers Chaps, the company chose a brand that's already well-known for having the same offbeat sense of humor, and whose format is already virtually episodic with weekly updates on The first episode in this new partnership, Homestar Ruiner, shows that this partnership is definitely a good match.

Despite the name of the website, for years the true star of the cartoons on has been Strong Bad. Modeled after a wrestler in Data East's horrible NES game Tag Team Wrestling (which featured a team known as the "Strong Bads"), this luchador mask and boxing glove wearing, shirtless, sarcastic "wrestleman" is Homestar's arch-nemesis…or would be anyway if Homestar wasn't mostly oblivious to the rivalry. In addition to regularly appearing in cartoons on the site, Strong Bad also "draws" the Teen Girl Squad series and answers weekly emails in severely long and drawn-out fashion, heckling his loyal fans' poor spelling and general stupidity along the way. So yeah, Strong Bad is a bad guy, but a loveable one."

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