45% better performance in Call of Duty 4

With renaming the single-player exe you can get much better performance from AMD cards in Crossfire. A HD 4870 X2 runs up to 45% faster.

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dxmnecro3813d ago

No kidding? That's pretty awesome, but I'm curious why the singleplayer aspect got shafted on Crossfire support.

BigKev453812d ago

On Xbox 360, no need to worry about upgrading your computer to make COD 4 run right. Problem solved.

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shazam3812d ago

1024x600p on 360 or 2560x1600p on PC. Clearly the 360 is the better choice.


solar3812d ago

you got to love the trolls that enjoy playing on inferior products. and then try to tell you how it is somehow better. troll fails.

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vilmer3812d ago (Edited 3812d ago )

The 360 is about the same graphical detail as the PC on 1024x768 on medium. Which is laughable if you're a PC gamer. And what's an "AMD" card :P

highdro3812d ago

ur not making any scence >:P

JDW3812d ago

Well done, you have won the ignorant PC related post of the day award.

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