Team 17 showcases it´s 2016 label line-up, Yooka-Laylee, Worms W.M.D and much more

Award-winning games label Team 17 have today released details of its exciting 2016 line-up. And that includes everything from "Yooka-Laylee", "Worms W.M.D" to "Sheltered".

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-Foxtrot1063d ago

I really wish Team 17 would make a full on, retail Worms 4 sequel

Worms 5 could be amazing if it improved on what Worms 4 had

TGG_overlord1063d ago

I agree, and I actually did a Q&A interview with Team 17 just recently ;) So I hope to publish the interview asap!

-Foxtrot1063d ago

Did you ask them about a Worms 4 sequel...because it's something I've never heard people ask them.

They do these smaller 2D downloadable games and they really should take a break to do a 3D one as a breath of fresh air for the franchise.

The way tech has evolved destructible environments and the like would be great in a Worms 3D game

TGG_overlord1063d ago

I did ask Team 17 if they had any plans for a new 3D (and VR) worms game. However, I could ask them about that. True that, and it would be really cool if they added VR support to the game as well.

TGG_overlord1062d ago

I actually asked Team 17 about that earlier today (as requested by @-Foxtrot). As for here and now though, nope, there is no Worms 5 in the making as far as I know.

Simon_the_sorcerer1062d ago

Ah, I heard something about you doing a Q&A interview with Team 17. Did you do that just recently? Or is it something which you plan to do in the near future?

Skate-AK1062d ago

Earlier today is when he said he did it.

SolidGear31062d ago

What about Allison Road? It's being financed and published by Team 17 now.

TGG_overlord1062d ago

I have no idea. The game was on the list. So they might have something "special" planned for "Allison Road" next year?

Shuckylad1062d ago

Team 17. My Amiga and I will forever be grateful to you.

Simon_the_sorcerer1062d ago

I still have many of my Amiga games left, and quite a few of them are from Team 17 :3

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