Deus Ex Mankind Divided is "less piss-coloured", says Eidos Montreal

Jonathan Jacques-Belletete, Executive Art Director at Eidos Montreal recently stated that Deus Ex Mankind Divided will be "less piss-coloured" than its predecessor, Human Revolution; a game that featured a gold and black colour palette almost exclusively.

Jacques-Belletete also highlighted how Mankind Divided will have more visual variety and it's partly due to the corporate feudalism setting.

"Now the influence is a lot more medieval - a lot more desaturated, with blues, greys and matte browns. Deus Ex Mankind Divided will be less piss-coloured". Charming.

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Activemessiah1061d ago

Kinda liked the yellow tinged environment of the last one... it was heavily reduced on the Directors Cut edition but I always go back to the first iteration.

curtis921061d ago

I loved HR. beat it 5 times... but the black and yellow got really old. I welcome a wider color palette.

SolidGear31060d ago

Yeah I got the Augmented Edition at launch and beat it about 4 times. It's one of the few games I'd really love a remaster of.

TWB1061d ago

Lol, really?

I have never played the original and just picked the directors cut because it was really cheap.

Its already pretty yellow.

Septic1061d ago

Saw some gameplay behind closed doors and this looks absolutely phenomenal. It just oozes atmosphere.

retrogamer091061d ago

I would've been more intrigued if it was more of a shooter than RPG. RPG's are just too boring for me.

OhMyGandhi1061d ago

I really loved Human Revolution, and actually kind of adored the sepia toned colors of the environment...

1061d ago
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The story is too old to be commented.