Rainbow Six Siege won't be supportive of eSports from launch

Christ Hendry, Senior Environment Artist at Ubisoft Montreal has recently pointed out that Rainbow Six Siege won't be totally supportive of eSports from the get-go.

Hendry cites that whether or not the game takes off in that direction "is not going to be up to us. We have to wait, see how the game settles, what people want [before providing the tools for an eSports-suited product]".

Should Ubisoft Montreal be more confident in Rainbow Six Siege as an eSport ala Black Ops III, or are they right to see what players want before taking a risk on a fairly new strategy?

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TLG19911063d ago

They really couldn't destroy this franchise any more if they tried.

81BX1061d ago

I read itll be day one via micro transaction

scark921062d ago

Can games not make games around e-sports please, the only game that
that gets a pass for me is Rocket League

Perjoss1062d ago

Companies focusing on esports is very funny. You guys are not the ones that decide if your game reaches esports status, its entirely up to gamers.