Microsoft UK Finds A Cheeky Way To Advertise Star Wars Battlefront On Xbox One

Microsoft UK found a loophole to kind of advertise that Star Wars Battlefront is available on Xbox One.

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Septic1067d ago

Lmao- MS are desperate to get their association with this. You shouldn't have let yourselves get out-money-hatted by Sony!

Also, isn't Metro running a risk here with this?

-Foxtrot1067d ago

I don't see why they can't just go

"Right Sony got this, we didn't...maybe next time we'll beat them on some other third party deal"

They also did it to Destiny aswell.

I don't think I've seen Sony do something like this when Microsoft have third party exclusive advertising for a game.

Never saw Sony try to wiggle their way in when Microsoft had exclusive advertising rights or deals for past Call of Duty titles, GTA4, Fallout or hell even with the new Tomb Raider game, something to say "we don't have it on our console...yet".

Septic1067d ago

Yeah but Sony are in a far more dominant position. Destiny and Star Wars are big franchises and they need the sales

nix1067d ago

These guerrilla ad placements are always cute.

1067d ago
SirJoJo1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Your comment is stupid/uneducated on so many levels Im not even going to dignify it with a proper response... I'll just give you a tut tut at the ridiculousness of it.

divinealpha1067d ago

Lol as much as you want that uhhhh no, at the end of the day it's a business they will try any means necessary to get something out of these , do you think it's all friend ship no , it's a company man

-Foxtrot1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )


With how vocal I am on mostly anything regardless of "sides" do you really think me, of all people, wouldn't say the same thing if it was Sony or even Nintendo...course I would.

Oh and ISIS...REALLY? After just what happened in Paris and you are trying to compare people who don't share your opinion to ISIS or even people who you don't agree with.

Jesus Christ man. We're a gaming community, the reason most of us hide in this hobby is to escape the depressing problems the world is facing.

uptownsoul1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

I find it very interesting that Microsoft feels the need to do these types of "loophole" advertisements while Sony sees no need to do the same.

I mean we've seen when Microsoft has the exclusive marketing rights to multiplat games (Witcher 3, Madden, Fifa, Fallout, Rainbow Six, etc) I NEVER see Sony using the "loophole" marketing thing...interesting

I think it says a lot when 1 company feels the need to use loopholes, while the other company can compete straight up

-Foxtrot1067d ago


My point

Even when the 360 was doing so well and the PS3 for a short period was just getting ready to catch up

Mr Pumblechook1067d ago

Here in the UK I saw a lot of FIFA Football and Fallout 4 ads for Xbox One. But not one dirty trick from Sony. That says everything you need to know.

Jayszen1067d ago

They can't let it go because Microsoft is arrogant enough to think that it is okay to behave in such a manner. Lack of class and cheap to the hilt!

They failed to get the marketing rights for whatever reason (probably blew the budget on paying for the 'Rise of the Tomb Raider' timed exclsusivity)yet they cannot just accept it and resort to such underhand tactics. Sony should object to this bullshit or at the very least demand some money back from EA until one realizes that EA and Microsoft are thick as thieves.

ocelot071067d ago

I have noticed a FIFA advert here in the UK. Just shows some FIFA gameplay then at the end says get FIFA + PS4 from Amazon.

Microsoft have the ad rights to FIFA this year. So am not sure if that was a Sony thing or a Amazon thing or maybe even both. But I agree it does come off a bit desperate on Microsoft's part.

G20WLY1067d ago

I knew when I saw the title that it would have been in Metro...

If it had have been in any other publication, I could have rolled my eyes, smirked and moved on. Metro is so anti-Sony it's ridiculous. Their reviews are worthless.

Whoever gets to agree this sort of thing at Metro must have jumped at the chance - hell, they may have even tipped MS off that the space was available next to that article. How else would MS have had the opportunity?

Anyway, tinfoil hat off and rant over, I just had to vent this lol!

JackBNimble1067d ago

I hope someone gets in trouble for this. You bet your ass MS would shit a brick if Sony pulled this kind of BS.

DOMination-1067d ago

Seriously who cares. Its quite funny actually

ScaReCrow901067d ago

Well thats only maybe because theyre not clever enough.

lvl_headed_gmr1067d ago

Why does MS need to money hat 3rd party for millions when they can spend just a few hundred doing their own marketing for the same game?

Sony needs 3rd party support right now cause it's cheaper then making exclusives...just like MS last gen....remember how everyone complained...well now people are complaining about Sony's lack of 1st party titles.

MS have plenty of money, this gen it's just cheaper for MS to do their own 3rd party advertising and focus on 1st party then 3rd party.

TheCommentator1067d ago

So it's okay for one side to pay for advertizing rights, but desperate for the other side to find a way to still advertise it for free? LOL.

Sounds just as desperate of either side to me since the only real winner here is EA, who didn't have as much advertizing costs as a result of all of this nonsense. TBH, companies like EA and Activision shouldn't need any financial backing anyways, especially with games like SW:BF and Destiny both being such obvious cash-grabs.

lameguy1067d ago

Advertising 'exclusive' deals are just as horrible if not more so than product exclusives and anything that undermines them (on either side) is welcome.

That said, that money there should really have been spent advertising Tomb Raider...

Bansai1067d ago

Did you forget about that "this is how you exchange a game on PS4?" - pretty low.

However it's normal in this industry.

BeefCurtains1067d ago

Quick, put on your tinfoil hats!!!

Because I'm sure MS watches every single newspaper and knows exactly where every advertisement for a game will be in all publications before release. And they do this so that in the event of a game that is being advertised by Sony, Microsoft can jump in and place an ad!

Do you have any idea how hard/impossible it would be to coordinate something like that? Give me a break.

The conspiracy theories are real thick on this website.

tuglu_pati1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

@Foxtrot @uptownsoul

"I find it very interesting that Microsoft feels the need to do these types of "loophole" advertisements while Sony sees no need to do the same. "

Different companies from different parts of the world with different strategy plans.

The truth is MS is in a weak position right now with PS4 almost selling three times of what the XBO is selling, so it's expected to see this kind of strategy from MS. Like Fox said, Even when the 360 was doing so well they would do this, so like i said its expected.


this was obviously orchestrated, no doubt about that.


"I hope someone gets in trouble for this."

oh boy... someone needs to get out more often. Are you really that offended that you wish someone gets in trouble, come on now... Go out makes some friends.

BeefCurtains1067d ago (Edited 1067d ago )

Yeah, MS knows every ad Sony will put out before it happens. If someone orchestrated this, It's way more likely that the publisher/editor orchestrated it, because MS doesn't have control over exactly which page to advertise exactly which advertisement. MS would have had to have advanced knowledge of what page Sony was advertising, just so they could buy space on the page right next to it. But then they first had to make sure the Sony ad was on the left page, so MS could have the right page. You do realize how meticulously thought out, and how far in advance, publishers do these things, right? You can't just call up the NY Times and post whatever you want wherever you want it, LOL

I find it ironic that your post to someone else was "you should get out more often"...

JasonKCK1066d ago

Foxtrot Sony does the same thing.

NewMonday1066d ago

advertisers can request specific pages, it's normal

the exclusivity deal is between Sony and Actvision, MS can be as creative as can be as long as they don't the words "Star Wars" or promote images from the game.

tuglu_pati1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )


First of all the left side its not a PS4 ad its just a review from the newsletter.

"On the left hand side of the page, you can see there is a review article for Star Wars Battlefront. On the right side, there is a big “Available On Xbox One” sign."

Second, I dont know where you are getting your info, but you can definitely get an ad up last minute, just need the right amount of cash. You even admitted it was orchestrated.

"It's way more likely that the publisher/editor orchestrated it"

I never said it was MS, you assumed that for some reason. So make up your mind.

Third, I don't see where is the irony with what i said, If you feel you are doing the right thing defending someone who wishes bad things to happen to other people just because of a newspaper ad then I don't know what to tell you either.

bf0007779661066d ago

"play it at 720p and with drop frams exclusively on xbox one."

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spicelicka1067d ago

lol like it cost them a billion dollars to post a little ad on a newspaper.

I find this a lot more clever than trying to "out-money" on a game that's not worth advertising anyway.

Christopher1067d ago

***on a game that's not worth advertising anyway***

Wait... what? Then why even waste time on so much "advertising that isn't advertising" on the game if it's not worth advertising?

Contradict much?

Also, I like how people act like this is just this one ad. MS is surely doing this in other areas and are putting a lot of effort into advertising the game, which has been shown in the last two weeks. It may not be tons of money, but it surely is people and time.

3-4-51067d ago

It's not desperate it's creative...a little outside the box.

You actually want them to be like " yea we lost " ?

Would you ask the same of Sony ? Of course YOU wouldn't.

BlackTar1871067d ago

well we don't see sony doing this for what the 3rd or 4th time?

It was clever with Destiny now it is borderline sad.

No one says they need to say "Yea we Lost" to jump to such a far island with that is hilarious. I don't even care that they look a bit sad and begging for attn. it's a business tactic but lets be honest the continuance of them doing it is what makes it look sad and desperate. Keep doing it i don't really care and im sure no one really does(Maybe Sony) but if asked what it looks like from the outside it's desperation it's the littel brother ME TOO ME TOO desperation.

GamingIVfun1067d ago

Never seen Sony do this kind of thing when Microsoft/Xbox has an exclusive deal. Makes them look bad, when Microsoft makes those deals for a reason but can't honor them when the competition has the deal.

GamingIVfun1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

The comments bellow just make Xbox Fans look stupid.

1067d ago
starrman19851067d ago

Damn them for trying to increase profits, they should fire their sales team for trying to do these stunts!

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showtimefolks1066d ago

i don't know but maybe ms should focus some advertisement funds on halo 5 and tomb raider. it feels like halo 5 has been lost in COD,Star wars and fallout hype

and tomb raider is just our there you know ms be like it's out go get it and let others know it's out

both games are excellent especially tomb raider, it should get a huge advertisement push

also something interesting

the firm that use to advertise for xbox is now working for sony lol

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I-Hate-usernames1067d ago

I know i will get a lot of disagrees but i think this is kinda pathetic really

Bennibop1067d ago

I agree Microsoft should just concentrate on advertising Tomb raider properly, have seen very little in the UK (little wonder the sales are so poor)

lvl_headed_gmr1067d ago

I day's worth of sales at retail in the UK...and you think its poor sales.

The internet is so funny.

divinealpha1067d ago Show
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Magnes1067d ago

@Bennibop the trick is people actually think Ms bought timed exclusivity of RotTR because "they care so much for the franchise". Ms doesn't care about Tomb Raider they care about reducing games available on ps4 this holiday that's it this is proven by their lackluster promoting of RotTR.

BeefCurtains1067d ago

If that's all they cared about, how does Sony have rights to Star Wars? Too much flaw in your logic. But look at those Sony fanboy agrees you got... Hilarious.

Magnes1066d ago

@beef talk about flawed logic you didn't even explain how Microsoft cares about TR you just jumped on sony fans

AizenSosuke1067d ago

Sadly I am an fan of Xbox and MS but this is still shady to me too.

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Kratos19811067d ago

Nothing wrong with it, it's just a bit unethical. Still, it's just a marketing tactic.