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GamesAsylum: "Thanks to a sizeable marketing budget – not to mention the runaway, and surprise, success of Fallout Shelter – it’s highly likely that Fallout 4 will attract many franchise newcomers. Fallout greenhorns are arguably going to get the most out of this long awaited adventure as there’s an unshakeable sense of overfamiliarity"

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Niceman911063d ago

Fallout 4 is undeniably a very good game and I don't disagree with your review, but I have to agree with specific complaints people have with it thus far. The main issue I have with Fallout 4 is its engine, which just isn't up to today's standards.

Bethesda really played it safe this time and despite making several much needed improvements, it almost feels old-school in its design. They really have to step their game up for the next Elder Scrolls as they simply cannot continue to develop games with this mindset. However, I have spent many, many hours with this game so far and although I find myself more or less scrutinising it at times, it's one of the most addictive and entertaining role-playing games I've played this year in addition to Bloodborne and The Witcher 3

Could you imagine how much better Fallout 4 would be with The Witcher 3's lengthy and engrossing side-quests?!