Black Friday Xbox Digital Game Deals

Major Nelson "This year’s Black Friday Sale runs from November 20 – 30, 2015 with deals on over 150 blockbuster games, movies & TV and apps. With hundreds of titles at a huge savings, find everything you need for the holidays!"

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dreadz741061d ago

Wow some fantastic deals on some great games MS really is comiing through for the gamers especially if you just got a XB1.

1061d ago
GearSkiN1061d ago

Anybody even play max Payne anymore on 360? Wish there's a website that shows games online activities...

cfc831061d ago

Seriously good deals there

Doodleburger1061d ago

Those are some underwhelming deals. I really wish crockstar would quit dicking around with prices of gta5 and just give it a straight up normal discount. Guess i'll just pick up a disc copy for $25 on black friday.

Kribwalker1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

I just bought this one because it's backwards compatible and one of my favorite games from last gen for $5

Blues and bullets is pretty fantastic as well, I just finished the first episode and I am eagerly awaiting the next one

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The story is too old to be commented.