Bloodborne Patch Notes: Chalice Dungeons are now easier for Multiplayer

A translation of the patch notes for the free Bloodborne patch has been released, and it explains the new additional covenant (The League) as well as highlight a radical change to Chalice Dungeons: They will now have a default glyph, allowing players to enter a shared dungeon and facilitating pvp and co-op encounters

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Fextralife1089d ago

There's a new hunter tool!!! And it's NOT arcane!

Forn1089d ago

It's coming! Only a few more days until the expansion... Don't want to progress any farther on NG+++ until that releases. May have to give the new covenant a go.

Fextralife1089d ago

I'm so excited for the DLC but really positively impressed at all the free content they just added. It's really awesome!