PS4/PS3 Exclusive Yakuza: Kiwami's New Trailer and Screenshots are Crazy and Awesome

Sega just released a new trailer for the upcoming Yakuza remake for PS4 and PS3, Yakuza: Kiwami.

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animegamingnerd1159d ago

oh this is easily a day 1 import for me especially including a Yakuza 6 demo with it.

Heyxyz1159d ago

Please come westward! I know it's unlikely, but a man can dream.

VsAssassin1159d ago

Looks awesome! Is this a remake of the 1st game of sorts?

Ristul1159d ago

I would not mind playing this with original VO and english sub.

slappy5081159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Hopefully confirmation will come at PSX for localization of Kiwami and 6. It's a long shot but a man can dream

N4GDgAPc1159d ago

Hey they announced Yakuza 5 at PSX last year so maybe our dreams can come true:)

slappy5081159d ago

Yeah that is what I am basing my hopes on :)

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