PS4 Exclusive Valkyria: Azure Revolution Gets First Direct Feed Screenshots & Trailer: Looks Amazing

Sega just released the first batch of screenshots and a trailer of the newly announced PS4 exclusive Valkyria: Azure Revolution.

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DarXyde1158d ago

This game is so beautiful. I will import this if I have to (but I feel fairly certain it's coming stateside).

I just wish I could see the combat more. I still have no idea if it's in the same SRPG format as before or it's more of a free-roaming battle system (like Final Fantasy XV).

I'm guessing the Valkyria being a songstress will play a theme in the game. She looks like royalty of sorts. I'm so damn interested in seeing where SEGA is going with this game.

Sharingan_no_Kakashi1158d ago (Edited 1158d ago )

VC on ps3 had the best art direction of any game IMO. The power of the ps4 made it look twice as good.

But I do have one concern, and that's the over-sized melee weapons. I hope they aren't planning on turning this into Monster hunter or God Eater...

Haven't seen any protagonist hold a gun.

VsAssassin1158d ago

Someone from dualshockers said its battle system won't be strategy-based. I'm not a big fan of SRPGs, so if this new Valkyria game is more action-oriented, I'll be cool with it.

That said, the Valkyria Chronicles demo intrigued me. If this is SRPG still, this could be my very first strategy-based rpg.

DarXyde1158d ago

Wait, you haven't played any of the games in the series beyond the demo?

You're missing out, mate. The games are fantastic. I literally have 800+ hours sunk into the original on PS3. I promise, it won't take nearly that long to beat it, but I've replayed it so many times because I loved it so much.

VsAssassin1158d ago

SRPG is the one genre that I really can't find myself playing. I tried with Suikoden and FF Tactics, but they didn't convert me. It's just that, to me, the pacing of SRPGs is quite slow; the battle that is.

Still, Valkyria Chronicles has that potential to make me play an SRPG.

ErogeMaster1157d ago

Could it be add or adhd. You should take adderall for that.

freshslicepizza1157d ago

that was part of the fun was playing it tactical and turned based. i hope they keep that

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syotos771158d ago

C'mon sega. Make me believe again.

Nodoze1158d ago

Localize this ASAP!!! Bring it stateside.

leahcim1158d ago


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