GWN Review: Geometry Wars Retro Evolved 2

GWN reports:

''Without Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved at the launch of the Xbox 360, the Xbox Live Arcade service may have never taken off like it has. Not only was the game addicting, but it had people buzzing about the 360 – heck, some sites on the net even awarded it best game of 2005. Now three years later and still under the same development team, Geometry Wars serves up an excellent sequel.

Starting off, the biggest addition to Retro Evolved 2 has to be offline multiplayer. Players can now enjoy the game with up to three other people playing either cooperatively or competitively. In co-pilot mode, one player will steer the ship while the other shoots; it's a lot of fun if you have a friend that is a good Geometry Wars player. Overall, with all the havoc which includes: particle effects, vibrant colors and explosions, the multiplayer modes are a fun experience to endure through with three of your friends. Beware though; at times the camera will cause unexpected deaths as it'll zoom out when players spread out across the map.

There is a change that may be unwelcome to the diehard Geometry Wars fan base – namely, the multiplier has changed. In the past, when a player died, their multiplier would be erased and have to start over from scratch. Now, catering to the masses, the multiplier will remain in tact after a death. Also, instead of increasing your multiplier through kills, players must collect green orbs that float after an enemy has exploded.''

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