New Xbox One Experience Preview Update Going Live to Fix Game Synching (North America)

The New Xbox One Experience update may be out for everyone, but preview program members haven’t been forgotten: there’s a new update on the horizon.

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Kingdomcome2471062d ago

I was having this issue yesterday with Fallout 4. It wouldn't sync, so I had to play it offline. I just updated a few hours ago, and it seems to have fixed it.

starbuck1062d ago

I've left the preview because of this problem as wanted to be able to play battlefront. I know bugs are expected but the past couple of weeks the pushed an update that messed up the MTU and now the sync problem. Been testing since the 360 previews started but the past 2 problems have been a nightmare

Kingdomcome2471062d ago

I felt that way a few weeks back. My games kept crashing, I couldn't sign in, etc... I'm glad that I pushed through though, because I've had a practically flawless experience these past few weeks other than this problem, which lasted a half day for me.

gamer78041061d ago

The OS is unfinished, its really still in beta, some of the issues we've been reporting since day one of the beta still exist.