Fallout 4 is For the Bargain Bin

Jason Santuci writes, "I used to scrounge around the bargain bin because cheap is good. The only time you bought new is when a major title was released like Super Mario Bros 2 or Final Fantasy 7. Now I can't bring myself to buy Fallout 4 new despite the hype and anticipation. This is going to be a bargain bin purchase for every reason besides price."

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WeAreLegion1154d ago

Welcome to "How To Get Hits 101". The syllabus has been posted on the school's web portal. If you're in the wrong class, I'll give you time to shamefully wander out. Go ahead. I'll wait...

TheSaint1153d ago

Seems like the author is the only one to disagree.

barb_wire1154d ago

I have no idea what game stopping bugs he's talking about, I certainly haven't run into any and I'm on the PS4.. PC players can use the console commands and get around them.

Author is a idiot.

rdgneoz31154d ago

There's only one that I've heard of and it involves a settlement Monsire or something that the game will crash when you go into the place once you get the quest for it. Overall, it's a huge freakin game and coming from Bethesda, you wouldn't expect it to be bug free.

fanboysmackdown1154d ago

I'm playing on X1 and have found no slowdown or bugs. is a tool.

divinealpha1153d ago

Why did you get less agreed and more disagrees than the guy above you who said he played on ps4

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AHall881153d ago

I can no longer go to Sanctuary Hills or Vault 111, game just crashes on me, no console command can fix that, although it can give me back all my power armor and special weapons I had stored there.

I also ran into a really, really, annoying random bug where the head injury filter or whatever won't go away. Colors all messed up and things are way too bright.
Loading an early save fixed it, but I hated doing Airship Down again. :(

Other than that the game is great, well, aside from settlements getting unhappy when I leave because the suddenly have less beds and defense when I'm not there for some reason.

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titans99991154d ago

Just another idiot League of Legend little kid who doesn't know what good games are, or maybe he is mad because he's not old enough to play Fallout 4, and his mommy won't allow him to play it!

treacherous_gamer1154d ago

Although I agree that Bethesad games are (in)famous for buggy launches but I've played over 70 hours on Steam and have experienced one single crash. I've had some few glitches here and there but nothing game breaking. Did everyone else have as smooth an experience as me? Certainly not and for some reason Bethesda games suffer more on PlayStation than on Xbox

SolidGear31154d ago

I got the PS4 version at launch and have had nothing happen besides a couple of frame dips.

Antifan1154d ago

Only a few frame drops when in the middle of the city. But then again, there were super mutants, raiders, ghouls, and brotherhood of steel all fighting each other. So it dipped in the 10-15 fps. Nothing game breaking so far.

treacherous_gamer1154d ago

Don't know about you but 10-15 fps is a big deal breaker for me

TheSaint1153d ago

This, it happens and it's really not a big deal.

PMind1154d ago

Please bury this click bait garbage.

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