Gamecyte Review: Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People - Homestar Ruiner

Gamecyte reports:

''It's only fair to mention that I've been a Homestar Runner fan since Everybody to the Limit back in 2002. I own a fair portion of Homestar Runner merchandise, I tune in every Monday in hopes of watching a new Strong Bad Email, and I think the Brothers Chaps are incredibly clever gentlemen. As such, I will fully admit that I was predisposed to enjoy Strong Bad's Cool Game for Attractive People long before I had occasion to actually play it. Now, the game has finally been released for PC and WiiWare by the episodic eccentrics at Telltale Games, and I've finally been able to explore the full experience from front to back. Is it everything we hoped it would be?

There's two types of gamer who will need an answer to that question. If you are a Homestar Runner fan, there's a good chance that, like me, you already knew you would buy this game the day it was announced. To you, I am pleased to announce that you will not regret your inevitable purchase. If you have never watched Homestar Runner or do not count yourself as much of a fan, I must admit, you will probably not like this game as instantly as a fan might, but you will enjoy it nonetheless. With any luck, in fact, it will help the characters to grow on you, and you may rethink your fan status by the time the game is over. The first episode of SBCG4AP is fantastic for fans, and is a decent way to meet the characters for fans-in-progress.''

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