Eurogamer Interview - Arts and Warcraft

Eurogamer reports:

''You might think a graphic novel series would be a logical spin-off for World of Warcraft, what with the game's unique art style and wealth of lore. And out of nearly 11 million players, surely one or two might be into comic books... But in fact it was only last November, three years after WOW's release, that the first graphic novel hit the shelves. WildStorm is now working on volume 2, with plenty of plans in the pipeline for the release of new expansion Wrath of the Lich King.

In this interview, WildStorm general manager and editor Hank Kanalz discusses what's next for the series. Plus penciller Jon Buran talks about what it's like to draw WOW for a living, and reveals an in-joke serious fans should look out for.''

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