Amazon will have PS4 for $300 starting tomorrow

Amazon will start selling the Uncharted Collection PS4 bundle tomorrow for $300. The Xbox One will get a $50 price cut starting tomorrow as well.

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Abash1062d ago

Perfect time to get one and be ready for the huge year the PS4 will be having with all the big game releases next year

UserNameIsNotTaken1062d ago

Dem games Can't come any sooner *.*

bleedsoe9mm1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )

probably why we are seeing prices slashed so hard on a console that had been selling at record pace

@eonjay i assume your talking about the ps3 because the xb1 and ps4 have the same 50$ price cut . one console sold 1.2 million after the price cut and the other was down year over year . games do matter .

Eonjay1062d ago

As opposed to a consoles whose price was slashed at a record pace. What caused that?

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kraenk121062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )


you forgot the /s

MasterCornholio1062d ago (Edited 1062d ago )


Sony is leading the pack not behind it.

Eonjay1062d ago

You assume wrong. I am talking about the Xbox One.

And of course games matter silly! Thats why the PS4 is selling at a record pace.

bleedsoe9mm1062d ago

@Eonjay either way it means better deals for consumers and more consoles in home for devs to make games for , thats all we should really care

GribbleGrunger1061d ago (Edited 1061d ago )

Kind of right:

One sold 1.2m after telling people this would be the only chance of buying the console so cheaply and the other sold three bundles that didn't count until this month.

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tinynuggins1062d ago

Ahh I want one. Should I wait for black friday? Do you think they will throw in an extra game or two?

TFJWM1062d ago

Prices won't go up before Black Friday so might as well wait

BadBoyC1062d ago

Tell me about it, look at this list of upcoming PS4 exclusives

And the crazy thing is that there's still more to come at PSX. Sony is killing it with games right now.

ninsigma1062d ago

12 definites for me on that list. Some amazing looking stuff on there. Couple of maybes in the form of sf5, world of ff and more. And them psx announcements! I better start getting my current list down! XD

Sunny_D1061d ago

Wow that's a great list. It has the look, feel and design of the PS2 era of games which was amazing.

alabtrosMyster1061d ago

How come CrackDown 3 and Scalebound are not in there? and neither is Quantum Break btw !!! Nobody cares for any of these games on your list!

CuddlyREDRUM1062d ago

I wonder how many of those big releases will be pushed to 2017, though? UC4 will release, but I imagine Horizon will definitely not release next year.

migh_and_highty1062d ago

Despite the fact they flat out said holiday 2016 in both PGW and E3 and they stated they've been working on it since killzone 3 which was like 2011

BadBoyC1062d ago

Not everything on this list is slated for 2016 but Horizon is slated for 2016 so I don't understand why you and so many people think Horizon is going to get delayed especially since the games been in development since 2011.

Who knows though? Horizon might get delayed but that goes for any game. Any game can get delayed, not just Horizon.. Delays aren't exclusive to PlayStation games

GordonKnight1062d ago

If there is any game in the line up that would get pushed to 2017, its Horizon.


Nintendo said Zelda U would release in 2015, but then pushed it to 2016.

A game like Horizon will be better if they take the extra time needed to pull off it's full potential. Even if that means delaying the release into 2017.

migh_and_highty1062d ago

Totally agree, I mean Q1 alone will see like 5 exclusives, at minimum, in addition to a few more multiplats.
Ratchet and clank
Uncharted 4
Street fighter
Heavy rain

and some cooler smaller games like firewatch

Muzikguy1061d ago

I've got such a backlog already and with Christmas coming that's only going to get worse! Too many games and too little time. All those games coming next year look great and I'm sure I'll be getting some of those too :/

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oSHINSAo1062d ago

Question, in the case of Xbox One... will it still get the free game? because if not, its better to buy it now, 350 xbox + free game, than 300 and 60 for a game. hope they still have this, as Target will give a $60 GC...

yomfweeee1062d ago

Depends what game you want. Many games can easily be had for less than $50.

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ABizzel11062d ago

Almost all PS4 $299 BF deals are bundled with Uncharted Collection.....And pretty much that's it (Kohl's has Store credit w. the purchase). So if you want a PS4, the $299 Uncharted Bundle is the best deal and lowest price in November.

XBO there are bundles for all prices ranges:

Almost all XBO $299 BF deals are bundled with Gears of War Ultimate Edition, and in some cases with another game (I think there's a lego bundle at Kohl's with a $75 / $90 credit just like the PS4 for $299).

The $350 bundles generally include Gears of War: UE as well, plus 1 or more free game(s), and a second controller.

And some of the 1 TB bundles dropped to $350 as well.

Thatguy-3101062d ago

Now there is literally no exuse to not jump into the current Gen. These consoles are becoming so cheap!!! Might pickup a new one since the one I have from launch daynis acting up

thricetold1062d ago

Actually for a lot of us price was never an issue, but a lack of titles that offer something new or improved beyond a graphical upgrade. I've seen lots of nice looking games for new gen only, but none seem to offer an experience I can't get from last gen.

Lonnie181062d ago

Wow Amazon starting black friday early, awesome.

sashimi1062d ago

remember 5% cashback for discover/10% from chase :)

kparks1062d ago

How u getting 10% from chase?

sashimi1062d ago

its from chase rewards, you have to activate it

kparks1062d ago

Thanks i yhought it was still 5%

Eidolon1061d ago

Sure it counts on anything?

sashimi1061d ago

pretty much, you just have to activate it either through chase/discover although i think the 10% from chase starts in a couple days( currently 5%)

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