ONM Preview: The Conduit

ONM writes: "If there's one criticism we constantly hear about Wii games, it's their graphics. We get so many emails complaining how Wii games look like PS2 titles and how games need to look better. While we've always favoured gameplay over graphics, we can understand some people's concerns: a lot of Wii games could look better. The fact is that the Wii is capable of much better graphics than those in the vast majority of games currently available for it."

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Zerodin3747d ago

It's still Official "NINTENDO" Magazine.
Sure it looks cool, but I need a source a little less biased.

ChickeyCantor3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Then read all the other Previews.

Also they aren't being biased or anything, if you read the article they only said that it looks good but can't get excited about it until they actually know how it plays.

IGN for example has already played the demo build, so read their preview.

vashivihang3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

as sidar said, read all teh otehr previews. they all praise the graphics. seems like people feel intimated by conduit yet they still try to downplay it.

EDIT: and the whole preview is correct. i didnt see any biased opinions in it. in the beginnig, they even went as far as to say that "... will be one of the best-looking Wii games around and will look "like an Xbox 360 game". While that's a bold claim considering the Wii can't do HD graphics, we're assuming they mean a 360 game being played through a normal telly. Even so, it's a brash statement."

Zerodin3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

PS3fanboy, and completely eat up sources like ONM with a spoon.
That said, the last time they went on about how fantastic a Wii FPS was going to be, we got Medal of Honor Heroes 2, and they were right about that one. It was a complete package.

RealityCheck3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Sorry but looking at screenshots it still looks like PS2 graphics. For example looking at the hand and the gun, which should be the most detailed since it's kind of static compared to the 3D rendered world, it is still not anywhere close to the "current gen".

Now the gameplay might be good. I just think they are hyping their graphics more than they should.

vashivihang3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

it has been repeatedly said that please dont judge this game by screenshots. people at IGN who have had hands on experience say that it looks awesome.

also this screen is somewhat outdated,\. there are better screens out there. i guess ONM is a little behind. lol

for example, check this screen out. the second image is of the hand. (although it is kind of old, it looks good nonetheless)

RealityCheck3747d ago

@ 1.1, I'm still keeping an opened mind, just being cautious after the let down that was Red Steel. If it gets good reviews I'll definitely rent it.

AcidHorse3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Of coarse the graphics look like a PS2 game, but what can anyone do about it now? Many HC gamers bought this because they were mislead that Nintendo would push the hardware to reward the HC crowd that stood by them. That so far is a lie, with Metroid being the only quality FPS. With that in mind this game is a godsend, because it's amazing any developer still wants to make a real game on this platform.

ChickeyCantor3747d ago

Naming redsteel is a bad example, not only was that game RUSHED it was the FIRST to be making use of the Wii-remote in such a way.

Using Redsteel is just nonsense, and to be honest the gunfights were pretty fun back then.

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AcidHorse3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

Nevermind this game kinda reminds me about Halo, but this might be the second must buy FPS on the Wii. Wii fans should be greatful.

Xi3747d ago

Both black and raindow 6 for the xbox had similar quality.

and many games looked considerably better.

AcidHorse3747d ago (Edited 3747d ago )

This is a good FPS for the hardcore gamers who bought a Wii and have been left twisting in the wind for quality stuff because big N is kowtowing to the casual crowd, which by the way will eventually move on to another trend. If Nintendo doesn't put out games for real gamers they will lose them too.

Of coarse this game looks nothing like any PS3/360 game, and I think that is what makes Conduit special. It is amazing a 3rd party developer wanted to even ATTEMPT to release this on a Wii. This is a big gamble on the developers part.

jspc19893747d ago

or maybe just the quality of the screenshots but I wud say that they look better than the conduit does lol.

Maybe there just shouting about graphical quality becus they look very good when u compare them to other wii games.

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