5 Xbox 360 Games that Must Be Backward Compatible in 2016

When Microsoft announced at their E3 presentation that Backwards Compatibility was coming to Xbox One, fans rejoiced. Arguably one of the “downfalls” of owning a next gen console is leaving behind or having to switch back to the older console in order to play old favorites. On November 12th Microsoft released the 104 games that are currently backwards compatible. Here are a list of my top 5 games that need to be added in 2016

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HD8bit1062d ago

Omg, I absolutely CANNOT agree more with you! Give us L4D2 and if they really wanna make me jump up and down they will add all if the best player created maps from the PC version. If they made L4D3 on this gen it would be the last game I would ever need!
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Tedakin1061d ago

Def the Batman games, Mass Effect 2 and 3, Red Dead, Alan Wake, Condemned 2, Vanquish, Max Payne 3, Dead Spaces, etc.

etownone1061d ago

I just want confirmation for a Mass Effect trilogy Remastered.

I don't want to play them BC and then they get gets Remastered afterwards.