Turtle Beach X-Wing Pilot Headset Review – The Force Is Lacking With This One

Baden of WGB: "Not everyone can stuff seven speakers and a subwoofer into their bedroom or living room, at least not without the neighbours calling the police at 3am because you’ve been watching Halloween at full volume and they’re stating to get a bit worried about all the screaming, thus headsets can be a gamer’s best friend, especially for those late night sessions where the family is trying to sleep and you’re staring furiously at the name of the guy or girl who just shot you for the billionth time in Halo 5. Actually picking a headset, though, is tricky business since they span a vast price range from the enticingly cheap to the heart-stoppingly expensive. If you’re a Star Wars fan (if you aren’t out, get out of my presence) then you may have already been eyeballing Turtle Beach’s new X-Wing Pilot offering which seems to be a repainted version of their Recon."

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