Dragon Quest Heroes and FFXIII:Lightning Returns comes to steam

Good news, Dragon Quest Heroes comes to steam December 3 while, Final Fantasy XIII: Lightning Returns hits December 10.

Ashlen3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

Ah cool I have been waiting for Lightning Returns PC version. Glad to hear it's going to be out soon.

I'll also probably get DQ Heroes. I had no idea it was coming to PC but not picking it up on PS4 paid off for me this time.

I'm really glad so many games are coming to PC that didn't traditionally get ports. I really hope NISA will port the Atelier Games.

gif3158d ago (Edited 3158d ago )

and Star Ocean.

slappy5083158d ago

Thanks for Lightning Returns. Now how about FF12?

contradictory3158d ago

i think there's a pretty good chances of the HD remaster version coming for PC too

LightofDarkness3158d ago

There's practically no chance that's coming to PC, as SE have an exclusive partnership with Sony meaning it will only appear on Sony platforms. It's the same reason why we didn't get the remaster of X/X2.

slappy5083158d ago

I actually havent played any of the Final Fantasy 13 instalments. Are any of them neccesary to play before this one? I avoided them cause people say they are generally awful, and this is apparently the best one?

rextraordinaire3157d ago

@Slappy well the story can get quite hard to follow if you start with LR. You won't know who most of the characters are.

That said, LR threw the first two storylines out the window, so not knowing what/who Ragnarok is changes absolutely nothing in LR.

Honestly, play it for the great battle system lol, that's really the best part of the game.

LightofDarkness3158d ago

God damn it, I already bought the PS4 version. I want to support but I ain't paying full price twice.


Master Detective Archives: RAIN CODE Plus Game Gets Physical Limited Edition for Steam

You heard it right, folks. A Limited Edition for Steam in 2024.

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FinalFantasyFanatic4d ago

I wish this would happen more often, there are a lot of Steam games I would buy limited physical editions for if they existed.


Valve Might Be Working On Adding An Android Emulator In Steam

As per the latest discoveries by a popular SteamVR dataminer, Valve is rumored to be working on adding an Android emulator in Steam.

Chocoburger6d ago

Interesting, I currently using Bluestacks on my PC, it works okay, but not all games are compatible, and some work but with glitches, so it would be nice to have an alternative option.

FinalFantasyFanatic6d ago

I've had more or less the same experience with Bluestacks, so having a Steam equivalent, which may work similar or better (or even if it plays some stuff better than Bluestacks) would be wonderful.


Co-op games on Steam is on the rise as gamers show increasing interest in playing with friends

It is estimated that by 2023, approximately 40% of video games purchased offered the option to play in co-op. The data indicates that 799 co-op titles were introduced last year, a 14% increase from the previous year. This figure is more than double the amount released in 2018.

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Huey_My_D_Long8d ago

And my friends won't leave pubg, can't get roommates to join anymore, democracy is failing (wish it was a helldivers reference. It is not)
But palworld and helldivers were two of the most fun I've had this year on games. Sucks my social circle now just doesn't game like how I would like...oh well

DaMist8d ago

I'm there with you! i miss the 360/ps3 days where my circle of friends liked playing coop games.

FinalFantasyFanatic8d ago

I have almost never been able to get my friends to agree to play the same game together, they always want to play the same games all the time. Then again, I'm probably the more adventurous one amongst my friends, I just accept that I'll be playing more of these games on my own.

FinalFantasyFanatic8d ago

I'm pretty sure Vtubers and streamers are to blame for this, I know I've bought more than one or two games because I saw a vtuber/streaming having fun with it.

DefenderOfDoom27d ago

One of my favorite couch split screen multi-player games is SSX Tricky for the PS2 .

P_Bomb7d ago

Ooo, great callback! Loved SSX Tricky. Now the song is stuck in my head lol.