Review: Life is Strange – A Picture’s Worth a Thousand Words I DualShockers

Over the course of five episodes, DualShockers reviews the first season of Dontnod Entertainment and Square Enix's Life is Strange, for a full overview of Maxine and Chloe's journey.

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R6ex1090d ago

Lovely story.
Lovely characters.

poppinslops1090d ago

The pleasant suprise of my gaming year - I knew I'd love Rise of the Tomb Raider and Wild Hunt, but I never thought I'd be ranking Life is Strange right alongside 'em... here's hoping Dontnod win some GotY awards.

rmeitz11089d ago

Totally agree, really enjoyed the game and while it has its fair share of issues, it was definitely one of those games that caught me by surprise this year.

cfc831090d ago

Decent enough game. It's over rated though, and goodness knows why enough thought the ending was a dilema. Also shouldn't be a sequel or prequel.

rmeitz11084d ago (Edited 1084d ago )

The ending(s) in comparison to the previous episodes just felt a bit rushed: I can't really say I was all that satisfied with either of them, so the final episode is definitely the weakest, IMHO.

That said, the rest of the series definitely was a pleasant surprise for me this year.