5 Retro Star Wars Games Worth Dusting Off Your Old Consoles For

From Cinelinx:

Earlier this week, Star Wars Battlefront released on consoles, at last ushering in a new age in Star Wars gaming. As such, this seems like the perfect time to look back at the best Star wars games worth dusting off your old consoles for.

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darklordzor1066d ago

I need the Darth Vader PS4 so I can play some of those re-mastered ones they put in there!

Neonridr1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

you can purchase super star wars on the PSN store. Don't need the new console for. The other games could still be releasing separately on the store down the road too.

darklordzor1066d ago

I'm sure they will be released separately at some point, but I'm impatient :P

NukaCola1065d ago

Jedi Knight II: Outcast is my favorite SW game followed by KOTOR.

But I want to throw a shout out to Obi Wan on the original Xbox. I thought it was good, and under-appreciated.

littlezizu1066d ago (Edited 1066d ago )

DF said all star wars ps2 game were running through emulators on ps4. This means PS2 games are coming to PS4, this is awesome, I expect announcement at PSX.
1st classic game i'm gonna buy is DQ VIII then Persona 3.

Neonridr1066d ago

Even if PS2 games are coming, I believe it's not just a switch being hit and suddenly all your PS2 games work.

Much like the VC on Nintendo systems, the devs actually have to rework the code so that it will run. With that being said, it's up to Sony to determine which games become available at what time.

Neonridr1066d ago

Rogue Squadron 2 on the Gamecube. I kept my Wii around so that I could play this game from time to time. Still my favorite Star Wars game and holds up surprisingly well considering it's a Gamecube game.

darklordzor1066d ago

Hell yes it is! I love that one and also have my Wii around to keep playing it.

barb_wire1065d ago

'Republic Commando' one of the finest 'Star Wars' games ever.

If they remastered that, I'd buy it in a heartbeat.. heck if Disney/LucasArts had any brains, they do a sequel.