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Wallstreet371063d ago

omg please tell me your secret lol (reported)

badboyz091063d ago

I hope they fixed the Friend LIST!

excaliburps1063d ago

No patch notes! So I take it, they nerfed a few guns and whatnot?

nucky641062d ago

I've noticed new animations and behavior for zombies

PSN_ZeroOnyx1062d ago

There is a pretty long list of patch notes. Maybe added since you read it.

WDBII1063d ago

I sure hope they patched the assault rifles because for some reason I can get 3-5 hit markers and no kill... also there are issues with games not starting with full lobbies and friends being kicked from lobbies right before the game starts.. hope they do good here

brich2331063d ago

I had a game that started 3 vs 7, and the sad part was I was on the team with 7 and we beat them by 1 point lol


I just gave my copy to my stepson because this game is pure garbage nothing but campers and lots of hit markers but no kill yet u die by getting hit once or twice

NobleRed1063d ago

Good comment. But your forgot to mention that the weapon balance is complete ass too.

You don't use a smg because of the small shitty maps and the head glitch spots. Your fault.

The smgs are op as hell.

22CobraKing1062d ago

So you give your stepson garbage

rashada071062d ago

I think there is a more interesting story here lol

JamesBroski1062d ago

Really? Last CoD I played was Ghosts and that game was filled with campers, BO3 is not that bad.

Unreal011062d ago

Let the cod haters have their moment with their genetic comments lol, because they're obviously just terrible at the game. Anyway, love this game, been playing it so much and very few issues for me.

Gun balancing is pretty much spot on in my opinion. It seems everyone uses different guns online, unlike the previous couple of Call of Duty games. ( BAL on AW springs to mind)

TwoForce1062d ago

Well, I agree. But every FPS have campers, you need to find the way to counter it.

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The story is too old to be commented.