Stealth Adventure République Coming To PS4 In Early 2016

République sneaks onto PlayStation 4 courtesy of NIS and GungHo Online Entertainment.

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derkasan1065d ago

Seems like an interesting title for NIS to publish.

dead_pixels1065d ago

I was thinking the same thing, but I absolutely loved playing through the original mobile release.

Genuine-User1065d ago

I was hoping this would make its way to the PS Vita some day. I guess it's not going to happen.

dead_pixels1065d ago

It would be a great fit for the Vita, and I can imagine the touch controls actually being intuitive, as they worked well enough on mobile devices. Ah well.

DivineAssault 1065d ago

Yeah, the last publisher i would think of for something like this.. Looks good though..

Paytaa1065d ago

Oh I remember hearing about this game. The original creative director for Halo 4 made this game.

Seems pretty interesting.

dead_pixels1065d ago

I really dug it. If you were on the fence about checking it out in the past I really recommend looking into it when it lands on the PS4 next year.

Relientk771065d ago

Sweet I'll get this and Dishonored 2

Zizi1065d ago

Glad to know that this title is coming to consoles in the near future as I've heard nothing but great things about it.

DivineAssault 1065d ago

Another PS4 game to look forward to.. Its crazy how many exclusives are coming.. Publishers seen the sales and green lit every damn project they had on standby

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