Take-Two: Wants new Red Deads & Grand Theft Autos to be massive consumer events

These games have lengthy development periods and that's for the sake of quality.

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Grap1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Mark my word holiday 2017 will see new red dead. I really dunno why the industry takes the silents rout for their projects, user involvment is critical for software development.

Satyre281159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

Noooo way lol. Red Dead will be coming out in mid 2016, guarantee it. There is no way it will be that late.

whitesoxfalife19761159d ago

last red dead took about 3 yrs to make tho im with GRAP 2017 is the year, it "MIGHT" make an appearance at E3 next year tho. Rockstar doesnt do E3s

Rivitur1159d ago

So new red dead huh? How about that pc port first? (Played it on 360 but didn't finish it)

Livecustoms1159d ago

lol but i thought you lot are a 'master race' yet devs treat you like crap ;) #ConsoleMasterRace

Rivitur1159d ago

Excuse me while I run crysis 1 on ultra and tab+shift open n4g to reply to this troll post.

MajorLazer1159d ago

Enjoy your 8 year old game..? (Crisis 1)

frostypants1159d ago (Edited 1159d ago )

There will never be a PC port of Red Dead Redemption. Something about some weirdness with the coding that wouldn't transfer to PCs without a lot of difficulty. That game was optimized as all hell to those consoles.

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sullynathan1159d ago

I mean, both gta and red dead are already big enough and count as community events.

GTA V is the best gta and the 5th best selling game of all time.

1nsomniac1159d ago

As soon as companys start talking about their marketing events over their actual games. You know immediately their on a downwards spiral. Prepare for dumbed down, rushed, dull games heading your way.

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vickers5001159d ago

Read the article, not the headline. If you had actually read it, you'd have a lot more respect and faith in the industry after reading it, at least in Rockstar.

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