Gameplanet Review: Secret Agent Clank

Gameplanet reports:

''Ratchet has been imprisoned on a supposed charge of breaking and entering, so it's now time for Clank to step forward and be counted.

The other surprise is that the game is not the usual alien killing feast, but instead is full of puzzles that rely more on stealth than brawn. As a secret agent you have only a limited amount of combat weaponry at your disposal, and even that does not allow you take on more than one enemy at a time. To succeed you need to use cunning and stealth to move from section to section.
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These puzzles can consist of simply timing your run to avoid search lights to the more complex challenges where an array of spy gadgets are required to progress further. These include such absurd items as exploding cuff links and robot disarming gadgets. The trick is to employ these gadgets at the right time and the right place. Your main weapon is however is your stealth and dexterity.''

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